Feb 202015


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new song by The Ritual Aura.)

Lately we have witnessed an off-shoot within the technical death metal sound, one more progressively focused than dedicated to sheer mind-numbing bouts of hitting listeners with hammers and bolts of sonic lightning. Acts such as Obscura, Fallujah, and most recently Beyond Creation, have exemplified this trend and taken tech-death in a new and higher-minded direction.

Joining these high-level acts are a group of Australian upstarts named The Ritual Aura who decimate with a focus and skill similar to that of the aforementioned bands. We at NCS are proud to showcase the considerable talents of this band with a premiere of their new song “Time-Lost Utopia”, which will appear on their upcoming full-length, Laniakea.


photo by Joseph Varley


It’s crazy how many ridiculously talented metal bands come from Australia, and The Ritual Aura are definitely one you’ll want to keep on eye on. They deliver a pummeling, yet progressive, assault on “Time-Lost Utopia”. The song is very prog-minded in its builds, riffing, and mesmerizing grooves, while equally spewing a shitload of super-charged aggression and venom at the same time. As a whole, it comes across in a cascading transcendental wave.

The song gets an additional boost from a guest solo by none other than Christian Müenzner (Spawn of Possession, Alkaloid, ex-Obscura), who delivers a massive volley of notes as per his usual, slick soloing style.

While the band doesn’t have a precise release date yet for Laniakea, expect it to come out later this year. Get hyped!




  1. This reminds me a ton of Decrepit Birth. Which reminds me – what the hell ever happened to those dudes? Polarity was a long time ago – we need more DB ASAP.

  2. nice! absolutely gorgeous shredding 🙂

  3. is this midi or is it already the real sound?
    sry but guitars sound like midi expect christian´s solo

    • Hey man,

      What you’re hearing is the upper range of the Chapman stick. As it’s a two handed tapping instrument, the higher range of the two sits around the same area of the mix as guitars, just with what is essentially still a bass tone, giving it the quality you hear in ‘Time-Lost Utopia’.

      • So there was no real Guitar used on this record? Only Chapman Stick? It really sounds like a Killer Performance very professional but at tue same time it really sounds like MIDI.. Tiny. I’m in love with your stuff anyways.

  4. A very promising song; I would say The Ritual Aura have a bright future ahead of them!

    However, I do feel that the guest solo doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the song. I think it’s because the tones of the guitars are quite far apart. Perhaps also because the solo is mixed in too loudly.

    Still, I’m definitely going to keep tabs on this album. If they get the mix right, it’ll be positively awesome!

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