May 012015


Within the last hour, the brilliant new album from Ukraine’s Kroda, GinnungaGap-GinnungaGaldr-GinnungaKaos, became available for streaming and download on Bandcamp. Our own Andy Synn reviewed the album two weeks ago, summing it up as  a collection of music that “brims with a vitality and unabashed creative energy that’s simply unmatched”:

“Pulse-raising in its undeniable passion, and surprisingly life-affirming in its boundless energy and vigour, Ginnungagap… is Kroda at their very best, marrying power and pathos, might and majesty, primal fury and grand, storytelling ambition, in a display of absolutely stunning harmony and balance.”

We’re damned happy to now give you a chance to hear the album for yourselves.

It can be downloaded via the Bandcamp link below, or ordered in physical form via Purity Through Fire at this location.



  1. Mmmm….. me likes. Is it just me or is Ukraine upping the ante on the great metal front these days?

  2. Thank you, this album is truly stunning, there is an harmony between fury and melodies and balance that makes all very enchanting, with Khors and Drudkh is a brilliant set of three from Ukraine, highly recommended!

  3. this sounds really good 🙂

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