May 262015


That cover art by W. Smerdulak is still just as awesome as when we posted it the first time. The first time we posted it was a couple of weeks ago when we premiered a song named “Kill the Fremen” from the new album Dark Matter by Russia’s Distant Sun, and today we’re happy to bring you the premiere of two more songs from the new album: “Zero To Hero” and “Shattered Empire“.

If you caught that first song, then you already have a sense of Distant Sun’s knack for fusing elements of speed metal, thrash, and power metal. And if you missed it, you’ll get another introduction right now. “Zero To Hero” is a complete head-rush of immediately infectious jolting riffs, bounding bass lines, and galloping drumwork, with a mix of ragged-edged and clean vocals. Of course, once you dig into the track you know there’s got to be a guitar solo coming — and it’s a blistering one.

“Shattered Empire” continues the pedal-to-the-metal rocket ride, though the band do ease up slightly on the pugilistic riffing for the melodic gang-vocal choruses. And did I mention that the choruses in these songs will get stuck in your head? Yeah, they will. “Shattered Empire” features another blazing solo, along with speed/thrash riffs that are hooky-as-hell all by themselves.

If “Kill the Fremen” left any lingering doubt about the song-writing and performance skills of the band, these two songs should erase them. Distant Sun have a precocious talent for cranking out high-powered romps that will get your blood pumping fast, while incorporating melodies that prove to be damned memorable.

As mentioned in our last premiere, the lyrics of Dark Matter deal with such topics as science fiction, space travel, mysticism, and fantasy — which is icing on a sweet cake. It will be released on May 30, 2015, by Metalism Records. We’re told that the band are planning their first gigs for the autumn of 2015 and will then begin work on a sophomore full-length.

Enjoy “Zero To Hero” and “Shattered Empire” below these links:




  1. This sounds pretty cool, epic songs and epic cover art 🙂

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