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Archaea are a six-piece melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, whose debut album Catalyst is set for release on August 28. Earlier this year they recorded a set performed at the Swedish Emergenza festival, and today we’ve got pro-shot video of the band playing a song from the new album named “Cryosphere”.

Now, I bet I know what the cynics among you are thinking. You’re probably thinking about the plethora of melodic death metal bands spawned in Gothenburg over the last 25 years and wondering why the world needs another one. You may also be assuming that you know what this one is going to sound like.

Not being a cynic myself, all I will tell you is that I had a hell of  lot of fun listening to this song and watching the video — which of course is why you’re now about to see it here on our putrid site.




Nils Bossius has a savage vocal delivery. The song has some tasty riffs that will get your head moving. And the band do a nice job mixing things up, changing the pace and the volume and combining melodic keyboard interludes, ass-kicking grooves, swirling guitar leads, and thrashing riffage to create a dynamic listening experience.

To repeat, I had a hell of a lot of fun hearing and watching this video. If you like it, too, then check out three more tracks from Catalyst that are streaming here, here, and here.

Archaea are:

Nils Bossius – Vocals
Hannes Heidarsson – Keyboard
Markus Heidarsson – Guitar
Magnus Lindegård – Guitar
Richard Mikulasi – Bass
Alexander Molnar – Drums

The original artwork for the album was created by Demithréa Mikulasi. The photography is by Jessica Blomé.



  1. great live clip, they really deliver 🙂

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