Sep 082015

Dragged Into Sunlight-Gnaw Their Tongues-NV


I’ve been quite eager for the new collaboration by Dragged Into Sunlight (UK) and Gnaw Their Tongues (The Netherlands) ever since catching word long ago that it would be happening. Just moments ago, some additional info popped up in our in-box, along with a link to a trailer for the new album. For now, I’m just going to excerpt some of what appeared in the press release and embed the trailer after that. Hell yes.

First, the name of the album is N.V. and it will be released by Prosthetic Records on November 13.

Second, as you can see, the artwork by Seldon Hunt (Khanate, etc.) has now been revealed.

Third, from the press release we have the following insights into the approach to the album, which will be a re-imagined rendering of Streetcleaner by Godflesh:, produced by Justin Broadrick himself along with Tom Dring:


Dragged Into Sunlight live


The elusive Dragged Into Sunlight return with their latest nihilistic opus, an unholy alliance with prolific masters of the macabre, Gnaw Their Tongues. This meeting of deranged minds began in late 2011 with one sole purpose in mind – to capture, digest and regurgitate Godflesh’s 1989 Streetcleaner into a conceptualised nightmare, Dragged Into Sunlight commenting: ‘The level of detail in a recording of this nature is inexplicable. Every note lobotomised, remixed and overexposed, exorcising total aural madness. Justin Broadrick’s recognition of the effort and finishing touch to its production is of course, an honour.’


Progress was made incrementally, with long periods of contemplation interspersed with rapid bursts of productivity, and eventually amassing a wealth of embryonic material totalling over three hours.Whittled down to a claustrophobic 30 minutes, the Dragged Into Sunlight/Gnaw Their Tongues collaboration was reaching its final stages, and to complete the circle of influence, Godflesh’s Justin Broadrick was invited to produce the record along with Tom Dring (who has worked on many crucial underground UK releases including Corrupt Moral Altar and the previous works of Dragged Into Sunlight). Their combined work allowed a bleak vision to be realised, and an attempt at independently producing an alternative take cemented their belief in the relentless and considered Broadrick/Dring result….

Fourth, the album can be pre-ordered here.



  1. doesn’t this just automatically end up on everyone’s top 10 list for this year?

  2. Well, this should be fantastic. Also reminds me how pissed I am to have to miss Godflesh and Author and Punisher at Cold Waves in lieu of catching Cattle Decapitation and Black Crown Initiate on the 25th.

  3. So it’s a cover album? As much as I like DIS, this is a disappointment. I want new material, not re-imagined work from others

  4. Cool.

  5. Woah, all you people complaining about this not being “original” music are WAY out of touch with the worlds of Noise and Industrial. This is amazing. streetcleaner is an incredible album, and this will sound nothing like the original in the slightest.

    Welcome to the electronic underground folks, and yes, this is going to be absolutely mind blowingly amazing.

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