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Otargos-Xeno Kaos


This is the somewhat delayed second part of a round-up I began this morning. The earlier edition featured new videos and songs from some of metal’s bigger names. The music in this one comes from more underground sources, and not all of it is brand new, though all of it is newly discovered by your humble editor. And of course all of it is recommended for your ears.


In his review, Andy Synn summed up the last album by the French band Otargos (2013’s Apex Terror) as music “both utterly devastating and virulently infectious, a truly unique and lethal strain of post-human black metal” — “a visceral, gut-wrenching experience, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality”.

Otargos have now completed a new album named Xeno Kaos that will be released by Kaotoxin Records on November 13. The label recently unveiled a song from the album named “Dominatrix”, and it’s a potent concoction of reptilian melodic grace and unrestrained ferocity. I’m still trying to close my mouth after hearing the drumwork on this song, and I also need to look for a couple of teeth that got knocked out. Probably need a tourniquet too.








Kaotoxin sampler


That Otargos song leads me right into the next item in this round-up, because it’s also the first track on a new, free sampler of music by the Kaotoxin Records label. Entitled Weapons of Self-Destruction, Volume 2, the release includes 21 songs from 21 bands. If you’ve been a steady reader of this site, you’ll recognize many of the names on this compilation, because we’ve written about many of them. But it also includes bands we haven’t covered here, and I’m looking forward to checking out their music, too — because they’re in good company.

You can stream the compilation below, and you can download it here:








Tyranny-Aeons In Tectonic Interment


The Finnish titans of funeral doom known as Tyranny have a new album due for release on September 18 via Dark Descent. Today, CVLT Nation had the pleasure of premiering a full stream of the new album, which is entitled Aeons in Tectonic Interment (a damned good title, both evocative and accurately descriptive).

This isn’t the right time or place to attempt a summing up of the album. All I’ll say for now is LISTEN TO THIS:

The album can be pre-ordered here or here.

(Thanks to Vonlughlio for the tip about the album stream.)







Yautja-Songs of Lament


On September 22, Forcefield Records is going to release a new EP by Nashville-based Yautja (a trio whose members come from Coliseum, Alraune, and Mutilation Rites) entitled Songs of Lament — which follows the band’s striking debut album Songs of Descent (2014). Recently, Stereogum premiere a song from the EP named “Breed Regret”, and man, it’s a spleen-rupturing bruiser. I’m going to borrow a few of Doug Moore’s words of introduction:

A lot of Yautja’s live appeal rests on the sheer physical force they bring to bear — imagine an extremely mean-spirited death metal band toying with the thickest riffs from Mastodon’s early catalog. That power comes through loud and clear on “Breed Regret,” the opening cut from Songs Of Lament. Pretty much every riff is a banger, but wait until Yautja lock in after the break at 2:49 to get a sense of just how hard these guys can hit.

You can order the EP here.








Chrworsch demo art


It’s no secret that I have a strange but very strong attraction to death metal that’s murky, churning, malignant, alien, and howling — the closer to resembling a hurricane, the better. Iron Bonehead Productions recently began streaming such a track that has left me slobbering and incontinent. The song’s name is “Missgunst ist Erhabenheit” and it comes from a demo entitled Ein Totenspruch zur viehischen Begattung by a band named Chrworsch. Iron Bonehead plans to release it on tape this November.

I know nothing about the band, including their country of origin. I do know that this song is goddamned monstrous and obliterating, and there’s a shrieking guitar solo in the midst of the squall that produces an adrenaline surge every time I hear it, along with some brute-force grooves that will crease your skull.

P.S. See the comments to this post for some intelligence about the location and membership of this band. Thank you “B“.










I’m going to close out this round-up with a song from an album released in 2012. Entitled Ισόθεος (Isotheos), it’s the fifth and most recent full-length by a Greek black metal band named Kawir. Though the band have been releasing music since the mid-’90s, I don’t think I had ever heard their music before stumbling across this song on YouTube (and later discovering that the album is available on Bandcamp).

The song is “Δαίμων” (Daemon), and although it’s album’s opening track, it is apparently considered a “bonus” because it doesn’t appear on the vinyl edition of the album. The song seized my head right from the start; the combination of the guitar tone, the stately mid-paced rhythm, and the majestic lead melody proving to be immediately compelling. And when Kawir really begin to fly, the music becomes even more urgent and gripping.

I’m including a stream of the entire album below — somehow I’m going to find time to listen to the rest of it, because “Δαίμων” is wonderful.



  1. Otargos sounds pretty killer, great find 🙂

  2. Tyranny is awesome…first new album in 10 years..both those guys used to be in Wormphlegm and the guitarist is currently in Corpsessed

    Kawir is one of those bands I always forget about until I see that cool cover art…and then Im like “Oh yeah, those guys are pretty killer”

    Chrworsch is fucking awesome….I need to keep an eye out for this. Iron Bonehead never seems to disappoint

    • Have you heard anything about Chrworsch? I haven;’t been able to find anything. And I didn’t know about the connections those guys in Tyranny have to those other bands! Very cool.

  3. Loving the new Otargos and Yautja tracks. And i have that new Tyranny album all ready to stream, once I find the time.

  4. Apex Terror, the 2013 album by Otargos, was fucking awesome. (
    I’m confident Xeno Kaos will kick ass too.

  5. Otargos is right on the money. Give me more!

  6. Holy fuck, Chrworsch! So crazy! NEED! MORE!
    That new Yautja is downright mean. A bully of a track!

  7. I just downloaded the Tyranny album, and sweet lord, is it great.

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