Sep 172015

Cattle Decapitation vidclip-2


(Here’s Part 2 of Leperkahn’s massive round-up of new music and videos for this Thursday. Part 1 cane found here.)

A lot has happened in the metalsphere over the past few days. It’s certainly tough to keep up – some might even say it’s impossible. But here at NCS, we’re nothing if not delusional dreamers, and thus we maintain the resolve to attempt to cover all that we can, even if we still fail miserably to come even somewhat close to covering everything. Come join us in our delusions.


I’m absolutely adoring these hometown heroes’ new full-length The Anthropocene Extinction – it’s similar to Monolith of Inhumanity, yet feels like it has a dose of Swedish Shining-esque black metal in it, from the extra bite of some icier riffs to vocalist Travis Ryan’s downright psychotic live persona (not to be confused with his face…).

Ahead of two months full of touring, first on a headline run with King Parrot, Black Crown Initiate, and Dark Sermon (rolling through Chicago (!) with Temple of Void (!) as an opener), and then supporting Cannibal Corpse with Soreption, the band have released a playthrough video for the mammoth track “Mammals of Babylon”. It shows off just how insanely talented these dudes are, as Dave McGraw is capable of inhuman speeds behind the kit, and Josh Elmore shows off some mammoth chops, and deceptively complex riffs.








Human Bodies-Leather Chalice split


We all know and love Human Bodies from Islander covering their every release like a hawk, but yesterday the band began streaming a new split 7” from Broken Limbs Recordings with Leather Chalice at CVLT Nation. I’ll admit the Leather Chalice tracks aren’t quite my thing, but Human Bodies sounds huge here, with the fullest sound they’ve had to date, and the best and heaviest stuff they’ve put out yet. Check this one out, if only to tell me that I’m right about how great Human Bodies are here, or how I’m totally wrong about Leather Chalice.





All Hell-The Red Sect


Maybe a week ago or so I hyped this band to Islander and told him about the first track premiere from The Red Sect, “Venomous”. Now another track is out there, entitled “Blood For the Baron”. It once again hits that Toxic Holocaust/Goatwhore sweet spot; I won’t say more, since I’m aiming to review this disc soon. Check out the new track below.








Cold Blue Mountain-Old Blood


I’ll end this with a video from Chico sludge dudes Cold Blue Mountain. This one premiered at everyone’s favorite site MetalSucks, and features the band in some sort of warped dog show. I won’t give the rest of it away – just know that these dudes rival Red Fang when it comes to music videos. It also helps that “Seed of Dissent” is a hell of a heavy track, and Old Blood is a fantastic album I meant to review way back when that you should totally own if you don’t.




  1. The Anthropocene Extinction is fantastic 😀

  2. Really like All Hell and I am indeed getting the Goatwhore vibe you referenced. Cold Blue Mountain is probably my new favorite sludge.

    • Hadn’t picked up the Goatwhore vibe until listening to this track in isolation, but going back to my promo of the album it has that current running through it for sure. And Cold Blue Mountain is a band that needs a ton more exposure – their NPR Tiny Desk music video they did earlier in the year is an instant classic.

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