Nov 162015

This Be the Verse


(DGR introduces our premiere of a song from the forthcoming debut album by London’s This be the Verse.)

Every once in a while we like to bring you something way the hell out of left field, outside the realm of the usual fire-breathing belches and inhuman barks that populate our chosen genre of music. This time we’re bringing you the premiere of a song by the young London-based Industrial/Rock band This Be The Verse entitled “Stubborn Youth”.

This Be The Verse have been around for a little bit now, having released an EP in 2014 entitled Consequences available on their Bandcamp page as well as having filmed a very “band trapped in white room”-style music video for the song Consequences. “Stubborn Youth” marks the first showing of life in the leadup to a self-titled album projected for release next spring, one that sees the band taking their Consequences EP and making the sound a little more raw and intense.

If you were to take a quick glance at that previous video the band filmed you could probably peg them as big fans of a very specific era of Nine Inch Nails (Broken, The Downward Spiral, The Fragile), but with “Stubborn Youth” they have taken that hard-driving Industrial precision and decided to ram it headlong into a Dillinger Escape Plan overdose. It features a hyper-kinetic guitar riff that just crawls back and forth, and never stops buzzing, behind some hard-hitting punk drumming, the whole thing a venue for the group to sing a few lines before eventually giving up and delivering the rest of the song in Panicked tones. The section around two minutes and forty seconds into the song seems custom-built for headbanging, even as that guitar melody attempts to slowly bore its way into your skull. It’s a more abrasive and violent take on the group’s first released bath of music, a progression that could serve the band well should they choose to crank up the ferocity in the future.

“Stubborn Youth” marks a new unleashing of fury for This Be The Verse, so let’s take a quick five-minute detour out of our day and headbang along with them.



  1. Definitely diggin this! Fun sounding!

  2. Need to sort out ya media server x

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