Dec 162015

Flummox-Pan's Daughter


(Austin Weber brings us the premiere of a new song from the band Flummox.)

While 2015 is drawing to a close as we speak, the world of music never really sleeps. Every year I’m already working on reviewing releases for the next year before the current one is over. So before the year ends let’s sneak in another new song with fresh music for your ears.

I first covered Tennessee-based progressive sludge/doom/whatever band Flummox here earlier in the year and wrote about their first record, Phlummoxygen. Somehow these crazy genre-bending weirdos are already close to releasing album number two, Selcouth, on February 12, 2016, through Tridroid Records. So if you want an early Christmas treat, we’ve got “Pan’s Daughter” to show you and get you hyped on Selcouth.




If you’ve never heard Flummox before, “Pan’s Daughter” is an excellent introduction to their strange melange of stoner sludge and doom meets prog, funk, and experimental genre-hopping tendencies. Their delivery of said blend often brings to mind both Primus and Mr. Bungle, albeit with a strong Black Sabbath backbone to it.

The eclectic journey on “Pan’s Labyrinth” begins in bluesy sludge territory, hitting you with fat, groovy riffs and brooding anger, which stirs and builds throughout the song’s first half. Then right around the halfway point things start to get faster and take on a slight rock ‘n’ roll feel that really comes to the forefront when the soulful guitar solo rips through and the song ignites into a higher strata of aggression, paired with cerebral yet twisted riffing. The song’s journey withers away with a funky psychedelic pulse, as if to return back from the madness from whence it came.

Seeing as their name is Flummox, the song does indeed stand a good shot at flummoxing listeners before it even ends. Yet hopefully, after the confusion comes appreciation, as “Pan’s Daughter” is a damn good song and indication of what Selcouth has in store.



  1. Definitely a unique sounding track – sludge/doom/whatever with emphasis on the whatever. I’m digging it.

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