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Well, today isn’t going quite the way I planned. To follow my musings earlier today about last weekend’s Famine Fest, I had planned to bring you the premiere of a full album stream for a hot-as-hell new release. However, Soundcloud decided to block all of the song streams under a notification of copyright violation. I’m too stupid to realize this is always a possibility, and therefore I didn’t upload the tracks a few days ago to allow time for that to happen, to file my protests, and to have the blocks cleared. Now I’m sitting around waiting for the tracks to be released from bondage.

In the meantime, I thought I ought to whip something else up to pass the time away. So here are a few things I noticed this morning, beginning with a couple of exciting announcements.


No secret that we are big fans of this Swiss band. Also no secret that we’ve been very curious about the contours of the band’s next album. Andy Synn tried to pry some details from the band’s main man CSR in this interview last month — and received these cryptic answers:

“I can’t reveal any exact details yet, but I can tell you that the artistic leap between SLL and Contradiction won’t be any less high between Contradiction and the third album. It begins where Contradiction ended and closes a circle. I’ve sacrificed many things to be able to complete this album the way it had to be done and it gave me many hard times, but it was all worth it and always will be. Expect a monolith of an album.”

“The album continues (as mentioned before) in the same numerological context, stating the number 3, where Contradiction stated number 2 and SLL number 1. In number 3 we become one with the light, leading back to number 1 and therefore closing the trinity. This is what the album is about.”

Well, now some of what CSR told us makes more sense — because today Prosthetic Records announced that on April 29 they will release a new Schammasch album named Triangle — and it will be a triple album, “balancing three distinct musical movements in 100 minutes”. Monolithic indeed…

You can be sure we will be covering it in exquisite detail.








The Great Old Ones


Also today, Season of Mist announced that they have signed the French black metal band The Great Old Ones, who will be releasing their next full-length via SoM, with recording set to begin in May. We can now begin preparing for the dread of a new Lovecraftian-inspired horror show.

For the hell of it, here’s a professionally produced video of the band performing live at Le Ferrailleur in Nantes, France, on September 27th 2014.








LVTHN-Eradication of Nescience


In a late-January Shades of Black post I included a new song by the excellent Belgian black metal band LVTHN (“Ascension into the Palace of the Dark Gods”), which was set to appear on their forthcoming debut album Eradication of Nescience. At that time, the album was projected for release in June via Fallen Empire Records (LP) and Amor Fati (CD). However, yesterday I spied this post on LVTHN’s Facebook page:

“It seems some citizens were so impatient for our new offering that it got leaked. As the leaked version is an unfinished version, we adjudged to release the final version officially at bandcamp as a ‘name your price’ download. This way, everyone is able to attain it there and give us some backing would they wish so.”

At times like this, I feel the urge to beat a motherfucker with a pipe, if I could find him.

To make the best of a bad situation, I want to help spread the word about the digital release, even though I haven’t yet had time to listen carefully to this new album, much less review it. The physical editions are still coming, but in the meantime, explore the music here:









Omnihility-Dominion of Misery


Yesterday, our friend Austin Weber premiered (at Metal Injection) a full-album stream for the new full-length by Oregon’s Omnihility, Dominion of Misery, which comes out this Friday via Unique Leader. As Austin wrote, “When Dominion Of Misery is firing on all cylinders at blinding tempos, the end product is pure roaring tech-death bliss.” From what I’ve heard of the album, that ain’t no lie. Cool cover art, too.

I encourage you to go here to stream this baby:









Ontogeny-Hymns of Ahriman


I’ll close out this little round-up with a new video by San Francisco’s Ontogeny, which my comrade DGR brought to my attention. Last year we wrote on three separate occasions about the band — basically, each time they released an advance track from their new album Hymns of Ahriman, we covered it — because the music was that good. The album is now out (as of January 30), and the video that the band recently released is for a song from the album named “Narcotize“.

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, your butthole is way too tight.



  1. New Omnihility sounds killer as does Otogeny (hilarious vid BTW)…

    The soon to be released album by the almighty STILLBORN is streaming at this location for anyone that’s interested. https://soundcloud.com/godzovwar/sets/stillborn-tdb/s-dT4cw

  2. That TGOO footage…so good D: Love the album…glad to see it carries over so well into a live setting. Impressive!

  3. Ontogeny – Narcotize. Funny Progressive Death Metal Video. http://www.bdpmetal.net/

  4. Super pumped to hear that new Schammasch. And TGOO. And all the rest sounded great!!
    Guess the years starting to pick up now. When the rivers become oceans.

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