Mar 182016

DeathForge-Amputated and Amalgamated


Although I and most of the other writers at our putrid site are based in the U.S., I would guess that we spend more time spilling words about bands from far-from locations around the world than most metal blogs and sites scattered around America. And we also try to devote plenty of attention to groups who aren’t household names. And we’re accomplishing both of those objectives with the song we’re about to premiere.

Deathforge are from Mumbai, India, and have been releasing conceptually related singles via Bandcamp. What we have for you today is a new one named “Leaving Material World“. The line-up consists of vocalist Varun “Rust Hammer” Sharma, drummer Jayram Karki, and guitarists Akshay G Ramuhalli and Abhishek Gawande — and this track also includes a guest session performance on the bass fills by seven-string bassist Mike Poggione (Monstrosity, Serocs, ex-Trivium live, etc.).

The Deathforge singles, including the one we’re bringing you today, are destined for eventual inclusion in an EP named Amputated and Amalgamated. The band told us this about the new song:

“‘Leaving Material World’ is the fourth in the series of the concept EP Amputated and Amalgamated (releasing soon). It is when the body is breached by the alien being and the mind of the host is leaving its primal state of humanity and is moving forward to a different dimension. We wanted to portray this transformation of the intricate designs happening inside the head through this song. The structure of the song narrates the interaction between the human and alien form. The action and reaction of the attack — resistance and revolt — is tried to be captured here with the composition.”

The song is a combination of skull-slugging brutality and neuron-twisting technicality. The slithering, soaring, darting guitar does indeed capture the sensation of an alien presence while the militaristic drum assault and deep, growled vocals equally manifest the experience of vicious struggle. And Mike Poggione’s fluid, complex bass performance is undoubtedly another highlight of the track.

Hope you all enjoy the song as much as I have.


  1. A beast of a track, I love it \m/

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