Apr 042016

Abhomine-Larvae Offal Swine


The name Pete Helmkamp will be a familiar one to fans of underground terrorists such as Angelcorpse, Order From Chaos, Revenge, and Terror Organ — all of them bands whose ranks have included Helmkamp at one time or another. But he also has a solo project named Abhomine, and near the end of this month Hells Headbangers (and Osmose Productions in Europe) will release Abhomine‘s debut album, Larvae Offal Swine. Today we have the pleasure of bringing you the stream premiere of one of the album’s nine tracks — “Nest of Disgust”.

LarvaeOffalSwine may be just three words stitched together, and the same could be said of the album’s intro track, “Worm Pig Shit”, but the words clearly weren’t chosen randomly. They manifest a disgust for much of humanity that’s also reflected in the venomous offensives launched by the music. But while misanthropy animates the lyrics and powers the sound, the songs will also sink their fangs into your neck and bend it to their will. Which is just a metaphorical way of saying that the shit rocks hard.


Pete Helmkamp-Abhomine


“Nest of Disgust” is a prime example of what I’m trying to describe. The huge, dismal, bulldozing riff that launches the song and rears its head again and again is immediately infectious. If it doesn’t get your head moving right away, I’ll be surprised. Helmkamp switches off between that viral piece of nastiness and writhing riff swarms that pump poison into your ears. Throughout the song, the session drumming of A. Rodriguez is off the chain; it’s a thoroughly jet-fueled, head-battering performance.

And to top it off, Helmkamp‘s vocals are pure filth — a bestial, barbaric display of deranged snarling, retching, and barking, like the sound of a wolf trying to gnaw its own leg off to escape a snare and sink its teeth into the throat of a captor.

Okay, I guess I’ve gone overboard on the metaphors, but this is the kind of music that spawns lots of mental images at the same time as it connects with the reptile part of the brain. Just listen to it below….


The album comes out on April 29, and you can put in a pre-order from Hells Headbangers here:


Or from Osmose Productions here:


Abhomine has a Facebook page at this location:




  1. This I cannot wait for

    • He’s apparently going to put together a live band to perform as Abhomine, too. I’d love to experience that head-wreckage.

      • Well, at least we’re going to see him decimate MD this spring with the rest of Angelcorpse, thats going to be pretty epic.

  2. Something to look forward to indeed.

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