May 122016

Meshuggah recording


Here are a couple of breaking news items that I suspect will be of interest to our readership.


Not long ago Meshuggah posted a 16-second snippet on YouTube, with the words: “Fall.2016. Watch this space!” On Facebook, they embellished slightly: “Fall 2016 – new album, new tours.”

And isn’t that exciting?








Inquisition 2016


Also today, Inquisition have announced the title and release date of their new album. The album, titled Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith, will be released by Season of Mist worldwide on August 26.

And that’s about all I know — but that’s exciting, isn’t it?

(There’s a new interview of Inquisition about this news — here — but it’s in German and I haven’t had time to apply the undependable linguistic wizardry of Google Translate to it.)


  1. Per my developing German knowledge, this new Inquisition album is supposed to be their darkest, most aggressive, most atmospheric yet. Most of the statement mirrors the hyperbole bands tend to put into press releases for their new albums.

    Also, deeply stoked on new Meshuggah as well, though sadly their EU tour skips out on Vienna.

  2. I’m excited.

  3. Also excited. As fuck.

  4. On a non related note, where did the header phrase chugular mecha stomp come from?
    How do you guys choose what to put there?

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