May 162016

Lord Impaler-Demology-The Decade of Obscurity


Here are a couple of quick news items of interest that qualify as updates to recent posts here at our putrid site.


In a Shades of Black post yesterday I included a video of the first live performance by the Greek black metal band Lord Impaler in 16 years, opening for Rotting Christ on May 13 in Kastoria, Greece, and performing a new song from their forthcoming second album In Full Regalia. And today Lord Impaler followed that landmark event in their history with an announcement I thought was worth spreading around — especially because it involves an offer of free music, much of which has been hard to find:

The past Friday, May 13, Lord Impaler stepped on a stage for the first time after 16 years. Our previous gig happened in July 2000. We were working hard all these past months to give the best show we could, and I hope we delivered a memorable performance.

We met and talked to people attending the show who weren’t even born when we started our journey as a band. A journey with ups and downs, with twists and turns. And we wanted them to be able to retrace it, from the first dark days, all the way to making our debut album. So we prepared this collection:

DEMOLOGY, The Decade of Obscurity contains all of our demos, plus some unreleased songs. We have treated the sound a bit, to make them listenable, to remove some tape hiss, to bring them to the same volume level, but otherwise we fixed nothing else. This is our history and we are proud of it, because each of these songs has had its role into making us what we are today.

This collection is FREE for everyone who wishes to discover Lord Impaler. We hope you will enjoy it.


From my selfish perspective, this is very good news, and a great way for the band to remember their history and to introduce it to people for whom it is undiscovered.

To go to Mediafire, where you can download this new compilation for free, use THIS LINK.




Oak Pantheon-In Pieces


One week ago we published Andy Synn’s laudatory review of In Pieces, the wonderful new album by Minnesota’s Oak Pantheon. I suppose the best way to summarize Andy’s feelings about the album is by quoting the final sentence of that review:

“It’s an album of the year contender, make no mistake about it.”

The band had decided not to precede the album’s release with any advance track premieres, and so we couldn’t accompany Andy’s review with any of the new music. But today the album is released, and so now we can share with you the full stream. Go here to get it for yourselves:


  1. Loving the new Oak Pantheon album! Going into my top 10 AOTY list!

  2. Lord Impaler’s “Demology” is now also available for streaming and download via bandcamp:

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