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In this post we bring you a premiere that’s near and dear to our cold black hearts, because it includes vocals by one of our own contributors, Austin Weber. It has a lot of other things to recommend it, too, which I shall attempt to describe in a moment.

The music on this song — “dont throw that at me!” (with lack of capitalization and apostrophe fully intended) — is the creation of Maya Chun, operating under the moniker Goodthink, and it will appear on Goodthink’s new album Guilt. To be more precise, Maya wrote and performed all the music and mixed and mastered it as well. She contributes vocals on some of the album tracks, with additional vocals not only from Austin Weber on two songs but also through other guest appearances (including one by John Dickinson of Youth Novel).

And now, my attempt to describe what happens on “dont throw that at me!“:

It hits like a goddamned tornado, but not one from our sphere of reality — more like a violent weather system in a hyper-accelerated parallel universe where the gravitational field flips upside down every millisecond. It appears without warning, whips the hell out of everything around it in a maniacal frenzy, and then disappears while your eyeballs are still spinning in your head like BBs in a blender as you try to form the words, “What the hell just happened?!?”

While the bass and drum are punching fast and hard, Goodthink executes slashing, jabbing riffs and deranged, shrieking arpeggios at near light speed. The vocals are equally delirious, a berserker mix of howls, growls, and shrieks propelled with almost as much speed and force as the kaleidoscopic, high-octane instrumentals.

And perhaps the most surprising thing about this constantly surprising piece of mathgrind is that it proves to be addictive, or at least it has been for me. I’ve gotten into the habit of looping it repeatedly every time I come back to it, because it’s short and because I’m still attempting to figure out everything that’s happening in it (so far, unsuccessfully). If you’re looking for a real adrenaline-triggering rocket ride to shake you out of the doldrums, your search can end here.


Guilt is projected for release on July 8 and will be available on Goodthink’s Bandcamp page.




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  1. Im intrigued.

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