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Centinex-Doomsday Rituals


(DGR takes over round-up duties today, with a selection of new songs and videos that caught his attention over the last week or two.)

The torrent of music that has hit within the past month or so has been absolutely insane. It’s the summer festival season over in Europe, so I imagine that might have a large bit to do with it, but we’ve also hit the halfway point of the year and now it feels like everyone is dumping out as much as they can in order to get into the news before the year is out.

In the past two weeks or so, I’ve been completely derailed on reviews/various other forms of procrastination in an effort to try and catch as much as possible. I was only joking about being a news trash barge in my last two round-ups, but wow, this time around I’m serious. I’m actually making an effort to split these round-ups into two parts, because between them I have about twelve different news items — song streams, album streams, music videos, lyric videos, album discoveries, and the like — to share. Strap in folks, these next two are going to get real silly.

Centinex – Generation of Flies

One of my hidden joys of being able to attend Maryland Deathfest this year was actually being able to see Centinex — who play a very simple form of death metal. It’s incredibly traditionalist and about as steak-and-potatoes as they come, but somehow the guys in Centinex have locked into how to make a damned good song out of some often overused ingredients.


Centinex 2016


I enjoyed the group’s 2014 comeback album Redeeming Filth quite a bit and have been steadily growing hyped for the July 8th release of Doomsday Rituals. While I’ve heard a pretty good chunk of it, I’m excited to see how other people react to it because it is a disc that feels like Centinex decided to drop a lot of the mid-tempo groove and death and just go for the all-out, one-two punch assault this time around.

It’s still suitably soaked in gore and sewage, but the short version is that Doomsday Rituals crawls less and craters the Earth more. I hope to expand upon this further in due time, but me fawning over a beefy chunk of death metal isn’t why I’ve brought you here. If you missed it last week, Decibel Magazine dropped a stream of Centinex’s song “Generation Of Flies”, which is song four of the forthcoming Doomsday Rituals. You can check it out via the player below and I highly recommend you do so. “Generation” is one of the highlight tracks of a packed disc, alongside previously released songs “Sentenced To Suffer”, “Exist To Feed”, and the stupefyingly heavy and straightforward “Death, Decay, Murder”. Jump on this player and give the song a listen — and remember, July 8th is coming quick.








Ringworm-Snake Church

Ringworm – Shades Of Blue

I’m not going to act like nice things are being implied in Stereogum’s Premiere of the new Ringworm video “Shades Of Blue”. In fact, the video, like the song itself, is a rather ugly piece of work. It’s simply stated and very easy to understand but the whole thing has a metallic tinge to it that makes the overall experience abrasive — which is a longhand way to say “Shades Of Blue” is Ringworm as all hell.

These gentlemen have made a career out of making ugly as hell music with an equally grinding vocal style to match, the whole thing designed so that you don’t walk away from a Ringworm disc feeling “good”, so to speak. The group have a new album coming out, entitled Snake Church, on July 29th, and on top of the recent premiere of the “Shades Of Blue” music video also put one out for the title song of their new disc — meaning Ringworm have had a pretty stacked June. You can check that out here after you’re done biting into “Shades Of Blue”.









Occvlt Hand-Long Live the New Flesh

Occvlt Hand – Long Live The New Flesh

Occvlt Hand are one of a large handful of groups who have contacted us recently. They let us know that they have released a new song entitled “Long Live The New Flesh”, which can be listened to below this here gathering of text.

Occvlt Hand hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadaland and describe themselves as “Satan Inspired”. The group play a filth-encrusted version of doomier hardcore — which in the case of “Long Live The New Flesh” comes off like a longer grind song once you get past the opening twenty seconds of spoken sample. The song itself is a punchy minute and a half, and right now the group have it as name-your-own-price on their Bandcamp page.









Winterhorde – Worms Of Soul

We now move on to something that should be a tad more familiar as we check in with Israeli metal group Winterhorde. If you’ve been following us you probably caught that we got to premiere a song of theirs from the then upcoming disc Maestro, and then eventually I even had the time to talk about how much I enjoyed that album and what a great surprise it was.

The group have now made a music video for the song “Worms Of Soul” — which was handled by Costin Chioreanu and crew and features our titular “Maestro” being played by Alex Purje. Although some folks are likely familiar with the song in this video if they’ve been following this album, allow me to once again state for those who may not have checked this out yet, take the time to do so. “Worms of Soul” is a great song, and that Maestro album is goddamned fantastic.









Inorganic logo

Inorganic – Parasitic Abomination

Inorganic are a brand new brutal-death group from Spain, who, like Occvlt Hand, also contacted us to let us know about their new single “Parasitic Abomination”. As the first single/proof of concept, lets say that Inorganic are already nailing what they’re going for, which is an abyssal and disgusting goregrind branch of brutal death. The snare sounds like someone turning a barrel into Swiss cheese with a tommy gun and the whole song is just shudderingly violent. These guys are probably the “heaviest” of the bunch in this collection and they throw their weight around for sure on “Parasitic Abomination”.









Revocation-Great Is Our Sin

Revocation – Crumbling Imperium

The Revocation press blitz continues unimpeded! This time Loudwire have grabbed the premiere of the song “Crumbling Imperium”. At this point, it feels like we’re nearing about a fourth of the songs from the group’s new disc Great Is Our Sin — which will hit on July 22nd — and all of them so far have been positioned in the front bits of the disc.

“Crumbling Imperium” moves a little slower than the previously released songs. It clocks in at over five minutes and the opening segment has an interesting groove to it before the song becomes an apocalyptic blast-and-yell collection for a good chunk. “Crumbling Imperium” is actually a lyric video, so you can read along as the song goes, or do like I did and just crank it at max volume a couple of times and then sit and wait patiently — agonizingly so — for July 22nd to hit.









Giant of the Mountain-The Empty Quarter

Giant Of The Mountain – The Empty Quarter

It has been some time since we checked in with Dallas, Texas’ Giant Of The Mountain. So much, time in fact, that the group have returned with some smoking hot new material in the form of The Empty Quarter.

It’s been really interesting following this group — they were a common sight in ye olden TNOTB days for me — and seeing how much they’ve grown and where they’ve taken their music. The Empty Quarter is a fascinating listen from the first couple of spins I’ve given it, and I look forward to being able to take the time to really dig into this one.

The Empty Quarter actually starts with its longest song, a multi-genre opus that then segues into a series of tracks that actually get shorter in run-time as you get further into the disc — which I thought was interesting, whether the band intended for it to be that way or not. I actually chose to close this roundup with The Empty Quarter because I feel like it stands pretty well with the material gathered here and could prove to be a surprise for a lot of folks who may just have seen one band in this collection that they like and are exploring from there.



  1. Never heard Ringworm before but I’m glad I did,inorganic doesn’t sound too bad either as for the song title “Worms Of Soul” sounds like a bunch of worms that are great blues singers XD.( I need more sleep).

  2. The new Centinex sounds killer, adding that one to my wishlist 🙂

  3. I thought I recognised Giant of the Mountain’s name. Sounding a bit like a coked-up Hull now.

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