Sep 162016

In the Woods-Pure


In recent months we’ve had the pleasure of bringing you two songs from one of the most remarkable “comeback” albums in recent years, and one of the most distinctive and accomplished of this year by any band. The album is Pure, and the band is Norway’s In the Woods…, and today the album is being released by Debemur Morti Productions. To help spread the word, we are bringing you the full stream of the album for the first time.

We have already spilled many words about Pure over the course of our previous song premieres and our full review of the album, and especially because you can now hear it for yourselves, extensive repetition probably isn’t the wisest use of our space. But I do think these excerpts from Andy Synn’s review are worth repeating:


In the Woods 2016


“Right from the start there’s a sense of maturity and confidence on display that speaks volumes about the band’s status as an older and wiser entity, and though Pure may be a less overtly “avant-garde” piece of art when compared to its predecessor, it’s still as unique and enigmatic a musical experience as you could wish for.

“It’s never boring either, not for a second, and while it may not tip the scales all that much in terms of outright metallic aggression (though the harsh vocals that pop up here and there certainly have their fair share of bite, and many of the riffs have a real weight and heaviness to them), there’s an underlying fire and passion driving each and every track which serves to pack the album to the brim with energy and emotion.

“The actual sound of Pure of course is difficult to fully pin-down… In truth, with its soaring, sombre vocals (James Fogarty’s dramatic, commanding delivery is easily one of the finest performances of the year), refined riff-work, and poignant portrayal of sublime, sombre melody, Pure feels most closely rooted in classic Metal and proto-metallic Prog – though it also never feels retro or old-fashioned.

“It’s simply too energetic, too electric… too passionately creative and forward-thinking… to ever be considered a mere throwback…. Outstanding stuff, in every sense of the word.”

If you’re still reading, thank you. But seriously, it’s time to stop reading and get into the album — and our advice is to set aside some time to give it your full attention, all the way through. If you like what you hear as much as we have, you can pick up the album via these pages:

IN THE WOODS on Facebook:


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