Sep 292016



Profanal come our way from Italy with their second album, Supreme Fire. It will be released by Iron Tyrant Records on October 31. As you can see, it includes colorful, abominable cover art — which is what first induced me to explore the music. Having done that, I am enthusiastically bringing you a track from the new album named “Eternal Curse of Blood“.

Profanal have a thirst for Swedish death metal… but if you’re expecting a simple re-tread of that classic sound, think again.




“Eternal Curse of Blood” has a thundering, hammering bass-and-drum drive train, and the kind of vicious swarming riffs that might put you in mind of a school of piranha tearing into a fresh carcass. While the song opens and closes at rampaging speed, the band also slow the pace, making room for a thoroughly dismal, ghoulish interlude. The band’s vocalist, whose name is Rosy, also has a hell of a howling voice for this kind of demonic blast-furnace death metal.

All in all, this is top-shelf stuff that both honors its venerable lineage and will send a potent charge of electricity straight into your brain stem.

Again, Iron Tyrant will release Supreme Fire on October 31. For more info, check these links:



  1. Awesome track and artwork! 🙂

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