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(We’re turning off our usual beaten paths — but just going parallel to them — as we present the following piece by NCS contributor Grant Skelton. If you’re a writer of fiction, this may interest you. And there’s music in here, too.)

I love writing about metal. I love discovering new music and sharing it with others. I love discussing current favorites and ancient gems. I love metal. And while I am not a musician, metal inspires and influences my own specific creative passion – writing fiction. Especially horror fiction.



Recently, one of my short stories was accepted for publication in an anthology with a very metal title. The Book Of Blasphemous Words will be published by Tulsa, OK press A Murder Of Storytellers on January 31, 2017. My story is called “Outer Darkness,” about an exorcist with a reality television show… and a very dark secret. The anthology’s cover art was created by George Cotronis.



For those of you out there who may be writers, you’ll be happy to know that The Book Of Blasphemous Words is still accepting submissions through October 31. And since blasphemy is a topic that is virtually synonymous with heavy metal music, this should not be a problem for any aspiring horror scribe. Here’s the theme for the anthology, provided by editors CJ Miles IV and Jack Burgos:

Book of Blasphemous Words is a weird fiction, horror, and speculative fiction anthology about humanity’s relationship with its gods. When we answer the call for salvation from the bondage of the material—when we believe in gods—we reach a hand into the unknown and risk losing it to something peckish. When we forget the power of the hearth, we risk a conflagration that can return civilization to the dirt whence it has come.

“We want stories of man’s beliefs turning on them, or vice versa. Of the creations of faith and myth growing beyond control, consuming their former masters, body and soul. Conmen siphoning a god’s power from believers for their own gain. A cult worshiping a deceitful demon to learn the meaning of life. A demigod of harmony that plots to bring the world to ruin.”

If that sounds like something you’d like to contribute to, visit the following link for submissions:


Preorders are live here:


Putting all cards on the table, this is NOT a money-making endeavor for me. The publisher compensated me by purchasing my story. Ultimately what we do at NCS is share art. This is my attempt to share mine with you.



  1. Sounds like a book I’d be eager to read.

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