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We’ve been paying close attention to Death Fetishist since we premiered the band’s first single in December of last year (which became part of the band’s debut EP Whorifice) and continuing through the release of a single-song EP named Lucifer Descending last February. Now, Debemur Morti Productions is approaching the October 28 release of the first Death Fetishist album, Clandestine Sacrament, and we have for you the first excerpt from that sacrament, a track called “Astral Darkness“.

The principal creator behind Death Fetishist is the prolific Matron Thorn, who is also the main driving force in Ævangelist as well as the protagonist in a large number of solo projects, including Benighted In Sodom. He is the vocalist in Death Fetishist and performs all the instruments other than drums and percussion, which are handled by G. Nefarious (Panzergod, Daemoniis Ad Noctum).

For this album Thorn also enlisted an array of notable international guests to help realize Death Fetishist’s musical vision, including guest vocalists D.G. from Iceland’s Misþyrming, Doug Moore of NY’s Pyrrhon, and Julia Black, with synth orchestration created by Jürgen Bartsch (Bethlehem) and Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues).




“Astral Darkness” is the album’s second track, following the spectral introduction of “The Gifted Medium”. It’s an unsettling assault on the senses launched by rapidly pelting drums and a hailstorm of dissonant notes and harrowing howls, soon followed by a compulsive rhythmic beat and scalding clouds of noise. A poisonous riff vibrates through the storm, as well as a cacophony of harsh shrieks and cries and grotesque, ravenous growls. With the drum rhythms moving between that rocking beat and fusillades of double-bass thunder, the pulsing guitar chords become more urgent and a shimmering astral sound appears and disappears.

The song’s pulsating/warping melody is perilous and otherworldly, and the deranged aura of the music becomes increasingly intense and unhinged as the song builds to its finale — a chaotic vortex of violent sound that ultimately collapses into a sinkhole of deep rumbling destruction.

There are aspects of the song and the album as a whole that will evoke memories of Ævangelist, but it’s also apparent that Death Fetishist isn’t a clone of Thorn’s most prominent project. It’s a cathartic fusing of dark descents into black and death metal with other musical traditions and inspirations that take the music in unexpected and even hopeful directions.




The full track list of Clandestine Sacrament is as follows, annotated to show the appearance of guest performers:

1. The Gifted Medium
2. Astral Darkness
3. Voidtripper
4. Netherrealm
5. Beauty From Wretchedness
6. Verbrannt im altem Morast
7. Wreckage of the Flesh
8. Upturneth the Chalice

Julia Black – Vocals
D.G. – Vocals & Lyrics on “Voidtripper”
Jürgen Bartsch – Keyboards & Synth on “Verbrannt im altem Morast”
Doug Moore – Vocals & Lyrics on “Netherrealm & Wreckage of the Flesh”
Mories – Keyboards on “Upturneth the Chalice”

The striking cover art was painted by Polish artist Andrzej Masianis and the layout was handled by French artist Dehn Sora.


Clandestine Sacrament will be released on October 28th and pre-orders are now available from DMP through these links for the Digipack CD, the 12″ LP, and the Digital edition.



DEBEMUR MORTI on the web:

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