Oct 052016



We’ve been paying close attention to Death Fetishist since we premiered the band’s first single in December of last year (which became part of the band’s debut EP Whorifice) and continuing through the release of a single-song EP named Lucifer Descending last February. Now, Debemur Morti Productions is approaching the October 28 release of the first Death Fetishist album, Clandestine Sacrament, and we have for you the first excerpt from that sacrament, a track called “Astral Darkness“.

The principal creator behind Death Fetishist is the prolific Matron Thorn, who is also the main driving force in Ævangelist as well as the protagonist in a large number of solo projects, including Benighted In Sodom. He is the vocalist in Death Fetishist and performs all the instruments other than drums and percussion, which are handled by G. Nefarious (Panzergod, Daemoniis Ad Noctum).

For this album Thorn also enlisted an array of notable international guests to help realize Death Fetishist’s musical vision, including guest vocalists D.G. from Iceland’s Misþyrming, Doug Moore of NY’s Pyrrhon, and Julia Black, with synth orchestration created by Jürgen Bartsch (Bethlehem) and Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues). Continue reading »

Dec 162015

Death Fetishist art


Matron Thorn is a prolific musician, seemingly one of those people for whom making music is close to eating and sleeping as one of the essentials for survival, and probably even more important for the preservation of some semblance of sanity. The best-known of his collaborative projects is Ævangelist, his solo work includes Benighted In Sodom and Andacht, and he has contributed in less visible ways to the output of other well-known bands. Now he has created a new project, given the name Death Fetishist, and we’re helping spread the word about the first track to be made public.

The name of the new song is “Flesh Covenant“, and it is planned as part of a two-track EP projected for release by the end of January. If you visit the new Death Fetishist Facebook page, you’ll see the music described as “Psychedelic Occult Black Metal”. When I sought out a further statement of intent, I received this message:

“Somewhere in the rift between madness and catharsis is the true nature of Death Fetishist. All things impure and bleak to the spirit will be converted into a musical narcotic known only as Death Fetishist“.

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Aug 112015

Matron Thorn-The Ritual Narcotic


Most albums, including many that each of us would count among our personal favorites, are simply collections of individual songs. Each song may be a blast to hear, and they may stay in your head for years, but hearing all of them together doesn’t amount to much more than multiplying the time spent enjoying something you like.

Other albums, however, are greater than the sum of their parts. The individual songs may stand up well in isolation; you may get something important out of listening to specific tracks even when you’ve just stuck them on a playlist. But when you listen to all of them together, from the beginning of the album to the end, they have an emotional impact that exceeds the effect of any of them standing alone, and the reasons go deeper than simply the extended amount of time you’ve spent listening to a band you enjoy. Matron Thorn’s The Ritual Narcotic is definitely one of those albums.

The Ritual Narcotic is the first album to appear under the name Matron Thorn, but it isn’t Thorn’s first solo (or near-solo) work. He has produced more than two dozen releases under a variety of other project names, including Benighted In Sodom, (and FYI, Thorn has just begun uploading all of the Benighted In Sodom releases to Bandcamp). But perhaps his best-known work has been as the composer and sole instrumentalist of the remarkable Ævangelist. Continue reading »