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(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a song by the New York band Thaetas off their forthcoming 2017 album.)

Right now I’m kicking myself, because I could have sworn I covered this year’s Thætas three-song demo here at NoCleanSinging, but it seems that so far I only wrote about it at Metal-Injection. Technically, they did get name-dropped here recently when we covered the new Buckshot Facelift, but that’s because Buckshot Facelift shares a guitarist with Thætas. So, for anyone who is new to the group, gather round, because Thætas are a very promising new band you need to check out.

Today we’ve got an exclusive premiere for you of “Isixhenxe”, a live-in-the-studio recording of a new song by the band that will be appearing on their full-length that’s planned for a 2017 release. Given that, it’s a bit on the raw side production-wise, but I think it gives the song a grittier feeling that I can get down with all the same. Overall, Thætas state that they are a brutal death metal band, but given the diversity in their music, they really deserve a shot from a lot of people who normally aren’t into that sound.

If Gorguts, early Cryptopsy, and Malignancy had a very ugly baby, and raised it on copious amounts of Deathspell Omega and Defeated Sanity, the end result would grow up to deliver “Isixhenxe” without a doubt. Thætas have a very interesting take on the brutal side of the death metal and tech-death spectrum, and I for one can’t wait to hear their upcoming 2017 full-length.

So take in “Isixhenxe” below in all its twisted glory, and be sure to check out their three-song demo from this year as well if you’re digging this. And, if you find you’re digging the new song and the demo, P2 Records just put out a 7-inch vinyl version of that 2016 demo with “Isixhenxe” added as a bonus track. It can be ordered through the P2 Records webstore link that follows below.




  2. …Thaetas is the greatest new band to come out of Long Island, NY in some time…Awesome track, lots of heavy weirdness and an experimental mood about the whole song…

  3. How the hell does this sound anything like Deathspell Omega? Have you actually ever listened to Deathspell Omega? Wtf?

    • INB4 “its dissonant”

    • Don’t share the band on your facebook after finding it through me if you’re going to dump on me and the band here. Seriously, fuck off dude. People like you are the worst.

      • oh no people disagreed with my description of a band I like in an article I wrote, BETTER TALK SHIT IN THE COMMENTS THAT’LL TEACH HIM HA

        • Actually, it’s more a matter of trying to be a force for growing this scene by covering what doesn’t get covered by most sites but pieces of shit like you feel so empowered by the internet that you feel the need to dump on everything. I never said they sounded like Dso, I said it was an influence, and even if you disagree, no sane person would feel the need to become a keyboard warrior over something that petty. That you are piling on just proves my point, you’re pathetic.

        • Yet another example of someone who carves out time to deliver an insulting, snarky comment and then seems surprised and offended when they get an angry response. Had the disagreement been phrased more respectfully, I’m pretty sure it would have gotten a similarly respectful response.

  4. Sounds like Suffocation with shittier vocals. Pretty amateurish stuff honestly, and I agree with Dan sounds absolutely nothing like Deathspell.

    So you write for Metal Injection, what a shocker….didn’t know NCS was getting plagued with that site.

    • That influence is more prominent in other tracks I admit. I’ve been writing here since 2012, long before I started with Metal-Injection. Nice try though. Also, you all are both being trolls over an influence related quibble and you can fuck off 🙂

      • Austin, you are being really immature here. I did not get the context of the Deathspell reference, at all, and I have the right like you to voice my opinion about this.

        On the MI note, anything related to Metal Sucks leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but I think its pretty cool you were able to go from here to there, as they have a broader audience.

        Lets all cool our heads a bit and get some perspective, we are just talking about a band here.

        Also, Buckshot Facelift is one of the most childish and stupid names I have ever heard. Again, just my opinion. You don’t like it, well YOU can fuck off ; )

  5. Wow Austin this band is great!! Your write up is bad

  6. Andrew

  7. This Band is really awful but it’s just my opinion,just like those awful comments above.Although this combination rarely invades the best Metal site on the internet it is bound to happen from time to time.lets not forget that there are PLENTY of shitty sites for shitty Comments and Bands such as these. No Clean Singing isn’t one of them! “Peace,Love & Hair Grease” people!

  8. Yeah, Austin. Stop sharing stuff unless you’re going to describe it exactly how I would like you to. I can’t tell you how much it affects my day to read that a band was an influence on another band only to hear that that band sounds only like most of the others you described. Sure, maybe you meant atmospherically influenced them or are referring to an influence that pokes through more on the demo, but you definitely should have spelled it out for us or not mention DsO at all! I am so super serious. These are the issues worth talking about.

    • Yeah, or just don’t be so fucking insecure when someone disagrees with you in a public comment section on the internet. I still liked the band! Just didn’t see the influence. And then Austin starts freaking out telling me to eat a dick yadda yadda. Real professional! At least the other journalists on this site have some restraint and understand that not everyone is going to agree with their opinions.

  9. Perfect! 🙂

  10. This comment thread is already unusually nasty for our site, but I have deleted some other comments that just devolved into crude name-calling. The infantile minds who wrote them may be welcome at other places where people enjoy wallowing in sewage. This is not one of those places. It’s not fair to this band to have the comments on their premiere turn into a hate-fest that has nothing to do with their music, and it’s not fair to the vast majority of our readers, who I’m damned sure have no use for this kind of bullshit. And for anyone who doesn’t get that message and continues to try and soil the site with their juvenile invective, I can delete the comments as fast as you can write them.

    P.S. This is only the 4th or 5th time in the nearly 7 years of our existence that I’ve felt compelled to delete comments — and for the same reason as before.

    • I agree that the name calling is completely pointless, as were Austin’s responses to my genuine inquiry a to how this band sounded like DsO. It didn’t have to turn into a shitstorm. Sorry for all that!

      Either band rules and I still dig this site a whole lot. Guess I just won’t speak my mind ever again, ha.

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