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There is lot to appreciate about the artwork (by Nekronikon) on the cover of the new album by the French black/death band Necrowretch. The teeth, which seem to sprout from every orifice, including orifices that shouldn’t exist. The multitude of horns. The hooked wings. The tentacles, both thick and thin. The torrent of blood being vomited into a chalice. And the eyeballs… the eyeballs. The only thing better (or worse) would be if this ghastly montage came to life and began to move.

Well, guess what! If that is your wish, it has been granted. And if that is not your wish, it has been granted anyway!

We present the premiere of a video for the title track to Satanic Slavery, the new album by Necrowretch. It brings the blood-chilling cover art for the album to life. But of course, the true (and evil) delight comes from the music.



This makes the ninth time we’ve written about NecroWretch since 2012, beginning with my review of their Putrefactive Infestation EP. In other words, I’m a fan, and therefore have awaited Satanic Slavery with great eagerness. First impressions aren’t always lasting ones, but I do believe this album is their best work yet, and this title track is a hallmark of their further advancement.

I’ve already vomited some enthusiastic words about the first advance track from this album, “Sprawl of Sin” (also included below), describing it as “a combination of feeding frenzy and head-battering demolition job, with soloing that’s as delicious as it is surprising in its tone and style within the context of this kind of rampaging.” Now I must scatter more frothy words about “Satanic Slavery”.



From the first time I heard the band’s music, I’ve been struck by the electrifying and ravenous character of the vocals, and they shine with horrid power in this new song, too. Though I confess that “shine” may not be the best word. Perhaps “incinerate” or “immolate” would be more appropriate.

But there’s so much more to like about this song — the vibrating riffs are malignant as hell, but even in their rampant frenzy they’re powerfully addictive. The drum and bass work is also a complete galvanic charge, bone-smashing when it’s deliberate and orgiastic when the rhythm section really goes into full attack mode.

Electrifying as the song is, part of its appeal derives from the break in the band’s tumultuous momentum that comes at about the 2:50 mark. You know that something is coming, something that you hope will merit the big bombastic build-up that comes from this slower, skull-cleaving section. And you won’t be disappointed — because all hell breaks loose, capped by a truly demonic guitar solo.



Before we make way for the turbocharged onslaught of the song itself, we’ll share with you some thoughts by the Necrowretch guitarist and maniacal vocalist Vlad:

“We are proud to unleash the title-track of our new album Satanic Slavery. A dreadful incantation to hell containing all the elements of our defiled universe. This song will drown you in a lake of fire for the next one thousand years! In this animated video by Hexxagram the NECROWRETCH beast comes to life for the first time and it is out to get you!”

Satanic Slavery is available for order here. And this is the track list:

1. Sprawl Of Sin
2. Tredeciman Blackfire
3. Satanic Slavery
4. Evil Names
5. Hellspawn Pyre
6. Bestial Rites
7. Curse Of Blasphemy
8. Verses From The Depths

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  1. Unbelievably good. Cannot wait for this.

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