Feb 142017


Lucifera come our way from Colombia, and they don’t come gently, even on Valentine’s Day. Their explosive advent here at our site is about as gentle as the ministrations of Sarcófago, Desaster, and Hellhammer, which are only three of the old-school exponents of satanic electrification that come to mind when listening to the song we’re about to premiere — “Los Demonios de Loudun“.

This track comes off the band’s debut album Preludio del Mar, which is set for a February 24 release by Morbid Skull Records.



Two of Lucifera’s members are pictured above — vocalist/lyricist/bassist Alejandra Blasfemia and guitarist David HellRazor — though the band also now includes guitarist Acid Witch and drummer C. Commander. Together they’ve delivered a high-octane blast of black/thrash mayhem.

There’s no sitting still while “Los Demonios” is tearing through your speakers like a horde of bat-winged demons straight from hell’s open gates. The threshing riff that opens the song rips at high speed while Blasfemia howls like a crazed, blood-lusting panther, and that would be fine enough, but the band also segue into a less furious and more melodically alluring passage which proves that Lucifera have more than one trick up their sleeves.

It’s a viscerally powerful and savagely electrifying track, and only one of a dozen powerhouse songs on this potent debut.


Preludio del Mal will be released in a CD edition limited to 666 copies (of course), 50 of which will be in a “Die Hard” version with a patch. To pre-order, visit this location:


The track list follows, along with our stream of “Los Demonios de Loudun” — and one other previously released album track, “Letanías Infernales“.

Morbid Skull on Facebook:

Lucifera on Facebook:

Track list:
1. Esclavos de Dios
2. Los Demonios de Loudun
3. Tiempos Siniestros
4. Alianzas de Acero y Metal
5. Tormentas de Sangre
6. Culto Ancestral
7. A Través de la Muerte
8. Preludio del Mal
9. Leyendas Mortuorias
10. El Señor de las Moscas
11. Letanías Infernales
12. Blasfemias




  1. Que bueno! \m/

  2. Really digging this. Vicious vocals, great production and good hooks. A vinyl release down the line would be awesome.

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