Feb 162017


On March 1, the Spanish black/death band Aversio Humanitatis will release a new EP through BlackSeed Productions entitled Longing For the Untold, and today we have for you one of the new EP’s four tracks, “Advent of the Inescapable“.

Aversio Humanitatis made their debut appearance through a 2011 full-length named Abandonment Ritual and followed that with split releases in 2013 (with Selbst and Nihil) and 2015 (with Primigenium), with themes that draw upon conceptions of nihilism and death.



The new song we’re premiering today is deeply haunting and uneasy, beginning right from the start as the voices of a ghostly choir rise like mist above slow, dismal chords. Even when the music becomes a maelstrom of blasting drums, warped riffing, and beastlike roars, the unearthly aura of the song persists, due in part to the demented and pestilential lead-guitar melody, which pulses with feverish, unnatural energy.

As the song then moves to a slow, groaning moan and ultimately a deep, sludgy groove, high, flickering tones and spectral wailing sounds continue to chill the skin and bend the mind toward strange and unsetting visions of the void.


Longing For the Untold was recorded, mixed, and mastered by guitarist S.D. at The Empty Hall Studio. It’s available for pre-order here:



BlackSeed Productions:
www.blackseedprod.com” target=”_blank”>www.blackseedprod.com

Aversio Humanitatis:



  1. Fucking hell, this is awesome

  2. Yup! I agree with dickcheeser. , fucking awesome!

  3. Brutal. Love it.

  4. Sounds ripping indeed.

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