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Last June we had the pleasure of premiering Obliteration of the Self, an extremely impressive debut EP by an insurgent death metal duo originally from Spain and now in Sweden who call themselves Inert. Although the EP was originally self-released, Germany’s Neckbreaker Records knew a good thing when they heard it and are now releasing a vinyl edition of the EP, and will also be releasing the band’s debut album either late this year or early in 2018.

The vinyl reissue of Obliteration of the Self is now set to happen on April 14th. In addition to capturing the sounds in multi-colored physical format (remastered for this release), the vinyl edition will also include a bonus track specially written for this release. The name of the new track is “Trading Death“, and today we’re bringing you a lyric video for the song, created by “The Core Inside”.


Photo by Guillem Tramullas Masachs


“Trading Death” displays the same impressive qualities that were so abundantly evident in the original three tracks on Obliteration of the Self. As we wrote of those songs, “Inert’s devotion to the bloodline of bands like Dismember, Grave, and early Entombed is readily apparent, but they supercharge these three songs with so much passion, conviction, and energy that they stand as a vivid reminder of what makes the style so deathless.”

Like those songs, “Trading Death” is a highly infectious beast. It’s an up-tempo rampage with drum rhythms that move from blast-beats to galloping and riffs that inspire nightmare visions of giant metallic hornets swarming in for the kill. Vocalist/drummer Gustavo Garcia’s growls are as malignant as ever, and Xavi Aguilar infects the song with a slow melodic lead that’s somehow both sorrowful and morbid. The song’s lyrics are suitably gruesome as well.



The vinyl edition of Obliteration of the Self, along with related merch, is available for pre-order now, at this location:


The EP is also still available as a digital download on Bandcamp:


You can follow Inert and Neckbreaker Records on Facebook via these links:




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