May 162017


Now THAT is a hell of an album cover, a vivid and vicious visual imagining of the ideas that come to mind when you read the band’s name — Chaos — and the album’s title, All Against All. And as it turns out, that rendition of a mountainous horde of wolves turning on each other in a lethal frenzy is a fine match for the music as well.

All Against All is the second album by the Indian thrash band Chaos, which is set for release on June 15th. From that album we bring you the premiere of a track named “Indoctrination“, and it’s such a explosive adrenaline rush that unless you’ve recently fallen into a comatose state it will make you feel like you’ve suddenly materialized in the midst of that wolven wildness on the cover.



There’s a pleasing savagery to this track that you don’t always find in the material of modern-day thrash bands, a full-throttle ferocity that even some iconic bands in their third decade of existence have lost. The music is highly infectious and packed with skull-cracking rhythms and spidery fretwork (including a scintillating solo), but the riffs are as venomous as they are blazing. Augmented by feral, vicious, blood-spraying vocals, this is the kind of music that wants to gut you and dine on your entrails. And who doesn’t want to be gutted and eaten alive? Of course you do.

So, please enjoy our song premiere below, and then stick around and experience the band’s official video for the album’s title track. That song is a hellish rocket ride, and the video is fantastic — something like the rendition of a wall of death from another age.



The cover art for All Against All was created by Reuben Bhattacharya (Visual Amnesia), and the record was produced by Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor. It will be released by Transcending Obscurity India on June 15th — in a digipak format, in a limited-edition gold-embossed box set, and digitally.

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