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Sierpes is a new demonic duo from Columbia and Ecuador consisting of vocalist/drummer Melissa and guitarist/bassist Muerto. Their first offering was a four-track demo released by Tanatofobia Productions and later re-issued by the Salvadoran label Morbid Skull Records, and now the same Morbid Skull is poised to release Sierpes‘ debut album, Visiones Caóticas. That will happen tomorrow… but today you can listen to the album through our streaming premiere at the end of this post.

Sierpes were inspired by an array of old-school South American and European bands to re-create the classic sound and feel of primitive black speed metal and black thrash, and on this new album they’ve done that with authentic spirit and scorching vehemence.



There’s a natural, garage-band kind of sound to the album, free of any modern polish or techy gimmicks. The riffs have a high, buzzing tone, while the drumwork is body-battering, and Melissa’s voicing of the lyrics (in Spanish) resembles the howl of an enraged panther cross-bred with a barbaric fiend.

Between the wail of a siren and the ominous, eerie, haunting, orchestral sounds of the album’s intro track and the spooky, hallucinatory keyboard piece that ends the album (which comes to resemble the needling pulse of a telephone busy signal), Sierpes fly like bats out of hell. With very few exceptions, their speed varies between fast and breathtakingly fast. The drum rhythms move between the styles of punk, thrash, and scorching black metal, with bursts of double-bass and tumbling toms in the mix, and the songs are given even greater vibrancy by an array of scorching and brain-scrambling solos.

This album is a compact blast of invigorating hellfire that proves to be an honest homage to an old and venerated lineage that includes such bands as Hellhammer, Inferno, Destruction, Aura Noir, Celtic Frost, Root, Sarcophagus, Sodom, Slayer, and Morbid. Check it out below.


Visiones Caóticas will be released on CD, limited to 666 copies, with a Die Hard version that includes an autographed promo card, a patch, and a hand-numbered certificate inked in blood.



Track List:
1.- Intro / Tempus Mortis
2.- Black Holocaust
3.- Sierpes
4.- Visión Caótica
5.- Peste
6.- Eterno esplendor de la muerte
7.- Ciclo Cósmico
8.- The Age (Typhon cover)
9.- Doctrina Pagana
10.- Outro


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