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Originally formed in 1998, the Italian brutal death metal band Blasphemer have released two albums so far — On the Inexistence of God in 2008, and 2016’s Ritual Theophagy, which we premiered and reviewed here last October. That last album left an especially deep mark, delivering a full-bore blaze from the beginning right up to the final track (which takes a different turn) — an utterly ferocious, unrelentingly savage, mercilessly brutal onslaught, and also an eye-popping, jaw-dropping exhibition of technical fireworks.

Since that album, Blasphemer’s line-up has undergone some change, with original guitarist and backing vocalist Simone Brigo (also a member of Beheaded) and bassist/vocalist Claudio “Clod The Ripper” De Rosa joined by guitarist and backing vocalist Nicolò Brambilla (Ekpyrosis) and drummer Davide Cazziol (Helion, Mortui Corpus). They’ve recorded a new promo single which is available today as a free download at Bandcamp, and we’re helping spread the word. The track’s name ie “Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments“.



As before, the speed, the ferocity, the head-spinning instrumental pyrotechnics, and the monstrous vocal tirades of Blasphemer are explosive on this new song. Even when the band slow the pace to coax skin-chilling sensations of dread and doom from their instruments in the concluding section, they have you by the throat.

But what really elevates the song into rare territory is the band’s success in harnessing all of these qualities together around a core of evolving but cohesive melody in a way that makes the song one you will remember and return to — though you’ll probably want to return to it anyway, just to get another injection of pure adrenaline.


Get the song on Bandcamp. Did I mention that it’s a gift?

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