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I’ve written before, and I don’t think many people would argue the point, that many excellent metal bands located outside North America and Western Europe would probably be household names (at least within the filthy households of metal) if they lived in the West. It’s not so much a matter of regional prejudice (though undoubtedly there’s some of that at work) as it is a challenge to gaining exposure. You can add India’s Gutslit to that list of deserving but under-appreciated bands. Though their success in arranging two European tours (with a third one in progress now) has undoubtedly helped their cause, I suspect their new album Amputheatre is going to elevate their profile significantly, notwithstanding the challenges posed by being located outside the West.

Amputheatre is the band’s second album, which follows their debut full-length Skewered In the Sewer by four years. It’s scheduled for release on October 15 by Transcending Obscurity India, and it’s going to catch a lot of eyes based on the cover art alone, which was painted by the phenomenal Berlin artist Eliran Kantor, who has a long list of credits on his resume, including album art for the likes of Incantation, Hate Eternal, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Testament, and Archspire. And the music’s going to catch a lot of ears, too. It certainly caught ours — and then proceeded to wreck them. We’re very happy to host a premiere of a song from the new album called “Necktie Party“.



As this new song proves in spades, Gutslit have the kind of rocket-fueled instrumental skill that will appeal to lovers of technical death metal, coupled with the kind of ruthless obliterating power that will appeal to fans of brutal death metal. And their bursts of high-speed rampaging should push the buttons of death/grind fiends as well.

Necktie Party” is a fine example of all those qualities. It takes little time to accelerate into a fast-paced, thundering, bludgeoning blast of destruction. And then they really jam the pedal to the floor and basically go berserk, with the drums firing like high-caliber automatic weaponry, the bass pounding like a supercharged pile-driver, and the guitarists flying across the frets in a vicious frenzy — slicing, dicing, gouging, and gutting the defenseless listener. There are other rapid instrumental twists and turns before the song ends, as well as a demented face-melter of a solo, and through it all the new vocalist Kaushal LS (Godless) roars and barks like a rabid bear. It’s a serious adrenaline rush.


Look for Amputheatre on October 15. Pre-order linkage is below, along with both our premiere and the band’s official video for an album track named “Brazen Bull”. You can check out one more song at Toilet Ov Hell, who called Gutslit “one of the nastiest pieces of work east of the Atlantic”.


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  1. me likey. album art slays too.

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