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This will be a very busy day at our site. We’ve posted one review already, we have another one coming, and we have four (!) very good premieres lined up. But thanks to DGR, we also have a brief round-up of new songs and videos that have recently appeared elsewhere — to which I’ve added one news item at the front end, one wisely suggested by my comrade Mr. Synn. So, you’ll have to tolerate a bit of my verbiage for the first item, and then I’ll turn you over to the words and selections of DGR.


This has been a banner year for metal album covers, and Berlin-based Eliran Kantor has been responsible for many of the best ones, including the one above, which accompanies a new album by the Norwegian progressive metal band Communic. And the fact that we will have a new Communic album this year is itself very welcome news.

The name of the album is Where Echoes Gather, and it will be released on October 27 by the band’s new label, AFM Records, following four previous albums released by Nuclear Blast.



For those who may be new to Communic, I’d recommend you read Andy Synn’s 16th Synn Report (here) back in 2011, in which he provided detailed reviews of Communic’s first three albums, plus his review later that year of the band’s new album The Bottom Deep.

And yes, it’s been that long since Communic delivered new music — six years. It will be interesting, to say the least, to discover what they’ve wrought after these years of work. You can be sure we’ll be attentive to the first signs of new music, but it wouldn’t hurt to follow their news on Facebook, too:

And here’s a very brief teaser of sounds from the new album:










Loudwire premiered the new video from long-running speed death metallers Exhumed for their song “Lifeless“, from their upcoming October release (! – already?! October releases?!) Death Revenge. Due out on October 13th to be exact, the upcoming death metal concept album is packed to the gills with music and “Lifeless” is a solid four-minute blast of what is upcoming.

“Lifeless” fits in with Exhumed’s long-running brand of speedy, near-thrash, death metal, with a multitude of vocal attacks to help kick the song into high gear. The high screams remain as murderous as ever, and the lows continue to be near-infernal in the way they are belched out. The video is an orgy of color that features many shots of Exhumed playing live within it, as well as video footage to help lay out the concept for Death Revenge. The album’s release is only a little over a month away, and “Lifeless” is a great taste to keep us slobbering in anticipation for more.












While the initial song reveal from the new album Imperium by Sacramento’s The Kennedy Veil may have been a little heavy on the Trevor Strnad front in “Flesh Of The Sun“, the next song disclosed from Imperium is heavier on the things that really matter — i.e., watching drummer Gabe Seeber annihilate a snare drum and make a relentless wall of blasts look so effortless you almost want to give up the drumming craft.

The folks at Sick Drummer Magazine’s Youtube Page uploaded video from one of the group’s recent shows, giving listeners their first taste of the relentless assault of “Draconian“. Yes, the drums are obviously mixed higher, but you still get a really good idea of what The Kennedy Veil have going on, as the rest of the band remains plenty audible behind the demolition of the kit that is being focused on.

Gabe also did the drum recording for Arkaik’s new upcoming disc Nemethia and he gets plenty of blast work in there, so he’s certainly slated for one hell of a recorded year, on top of his numerous jobs sitting behind the kit live for bands like Decrepit Birth. Imperium is another October release and is only adding to the feeling that the back half of 2017 will turn out to be really intense, heavy-metal-wise.










Recently Kansas’ tech-death space invaders Origin released a music video for their song “Infinitesimal To The Infinite” from their album Unparalleled Universe . The song, which opens the disc, is a blindingly fast whirlwind of drumming, guitars, and growls. It’s basically everything you come to Origin for and it gets really, really close to the “Holy shit, look at this!” pyrotechnics of “Expulsion Of Fury” from the group’s album Entity, without overstaying its welcome.

The video for the song is actually a lot like the song itself, in that, man, does that seem like a whole lot of work. The band create a song and try to jam as many whirring mechanisms within it to bring it to some sort of inhuman life in two and a half minutes, and the music video features a situation in which there is a reverse alien abduction, and a crazed murderer has an alien strapped to a table wherein he proceeds to do many awful things to the body for the sake of gore, splatter, and a nice, sloooooooooooooooow clip of him using the alien’s finger to smoke.

We reviewed Origin’s latest disc back in June and found Unparalleled Universe to be some of the group’s best work in years, which might help explain why the band have made a new music video for the first time in a decade. So, if you’re interested in watching an alien get mutilated in as much as two minutes will allow while a whirlwind of tech-death mows you down, hit play below.


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