Nov 162017


The heavy Hungarian band Nadir’s roots extend back into the mid-90s. Inspired by such groups as Bolt Thrower, Entombed, and Crowbar, they’ve released five albums since 2005, along with a handful of shorter releases. And now their sixth full-length, The Sixth Extinction, is set for release on December 4 by GrimmDistribution (Belarus) and NGC Prod (Hungary). Two singles from the album have previously premiered, and now we bring a third one, in the form of a lyric video: “Fragmented“.

Nadir’s last album, 2015’s Ventum Iam Ad Finem Est, was a concept album, and the new one is as well, and could be considered a continuation of the themes developed in the last one, which itself concluded with a song called “The Sixth Extinction”. The new one addresses “the present massive, human induced wave of extinction of species on Earth”, citing “environmental destruction, pollution, diseases, invasive species and overhunting as its main causes”.



The lyrics of “Fragmented” (which have the rhyme of poetry) leave no doubt where Nadir stands on these issues, and the music reflects the strong emotions of the lyrics. It mixes a kind of doom-striken hopelessness and a wailing grief with raw fury. The music lumbers and stomps, moans and cries, and then grows becomes more aggressive and fiery, the pace accelerating in bursts, the riffs and the drumwork growing more punishing, while an eerie, otherworldly melody continues to thread its way through the music like a mournful wraith.

The subject matter of the song provokes sorrow for what we have done to the earth, but also rage… and that ferocious feeling comes through in the vicious howls and deep roars of the vocals.



The album consist of nine tracks, including the “Ice Age in the Immediate Future” trilogy, inspired by the play of Hungarian author Imre Madách (1823-64), The Tragedy of Man. The artwork was created by Fragile Hope Art & Design.

For pre-order info, check the links below. Along with our premiere, we’re also including streams of two previously released singles, “The Human Predator” (a free download at Bandcamp) and “The Debris Archipelago“.






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