Nov 222017


Few would deny that we are in the midst of a resurgence and a branching of black metal that rivals, if not eclipses, the torrent of the second wave in its flourishing abundance and creative fertility. There are a lot of forks in this great, gnarled tree of music, and some of the off-shoots bear little resemblance to the original root stock, much to the disgust of purists in certain quarters. Other thorned flowerings have hewed more closely to the vitriolic intensity and scarifying aggression of the progenitors. The Swiss band Enoid is in that camp.

The project of a sole creator who calls himself Bornyhake, Enoid has been a prolific source of musical hate and misanthropy, releasing seven albums since 2006 as well as a trio of shorter works. The first two of those albums, Livssyklus and Dodssyklus, were released in 2006 and 2007 by Rotten Vomit Records and NMB Records, respectively. They have become hard to find, but on December 16th they will be re-released in a re-mastered compilation recording by GrimmDistribution (Belarus) and Final Gate Records (Germany).

To help spread the word, we’re premiering a remastered track called “Ecnarffuos“, which originally appeared on the Dodssyklus album.



The advance press for the compilation proclaims, “There’s no melody or neutrality to be found here, only a ferocious assault upon the human race”. Respectfully, I must disagree. In fact, one of the most gripping aspects of “Ecnarffuos” is the recurrence of a fiery, rippling guitar motif that’s half-bleak and half-crazed (and eventually kind of mystical) — and together with other melodic elements, including gloomy, heaving chords and the high whine of rising and falling tremolo riffs, it gives the song a distinctive identity that has gotten stuck in my head.

Having said that, there’s also no question that “Ecnarffuos” is an unstoppable torrent of power and fury. The vocals in particular are terrifying in their unhinged ferocity. The song is segmented by start-stop percussive bursts, as well as the changes in the riffs already noted, and they help maintain the music’s grip on the senses. All these ingredients together make the song an electrifying experience (and a memorable one).


Below you’ll find our premiere as well as two previously tracks from the compilation, “Edicius” (available as a free download at Bandcamp) and “Riruop“, the track list, and pre-order links.

01. Riruop
02. Ecnassian
03. Ridnarg
04. Erviv
05. Rillieiv
06. Riruom
07. Noitpecnoc
08. Edicius
09. Ecnarffuos
10. Edulretni
11. Trom
12. Noitcurtsed
13. Dlrow Eht Kcuf
Length – 61:46






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