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At almost the precise mid-point of this year our own Andy Synn wrote a column in which he discussed the never-ending moan (and shriek) of people who complain that metal is dying and that nothing new under the sun compares favorably to “the good old days”, As a means of responding to such points of view (which obviously none of us here shares), he recommended that we do more than simply tell such complainers they’re dead wrong; instead, we should expose them to music from newer bands which proves that “we don’t need to make Metal great ‘again’, we just need to make more people aware of how great it already ‘is’”.

And Neter is one of the bands he gave as a prime example of metal’s current greatness.

Referring to the band’s last album, Idols, Andy described the music as “punishingly tight, hellishly hooky Death Metal from Spain”. And now a new Neter album named Inferus is nearly upon us, set for release on January 15th through the cooperation of Satanath Records (Russia), Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA), Murdher Records (Italy), and Black Plague Records (USA). Two songs from the album have premiered previously, and today we deliver a third one: “The Pillars of Heracles“.



Those words Andy wrote about Neter’s last album ring true again in the case of Inferus, and this new song in particular. “The Pillars of Heracles” is absolutely electrifying, and mercilessly infectious. It drives hard and fast, through a combination of blazing, battering rhythmic assaults, vicious, eviscerating riff swarms, and vile, boiling vocal antagonism. It takes no time at all for the song to set the listener’s nerve endings on fire.

However, there’s more to the song than sheer, primally powerful explosiveness. There’s some really good songwriting on display here, as the band move from long, moaning chords to flickering, fiery arpeggios, all of the melodies tinged with an exotic tonality and capped by a fluid and flaring guitar solo.

Yes indeed, Neter are still punishingly tight and hellishly hooky, and Inferus promises to be one of the first outstanding death metal releases of the new year.



Inferus was recorded by Raúl Pérez at La Mina Studio (Spain), mixed by Carlos Santos at Sandman Studios (Spain), and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studio (US). Artwork for the album was created by Daví Orellana.

Below you’ll find a pre-order link and streams of two other songs from Inferus, “Primordial Entity” and “Rebirth of the Overthrown” (a free download at Bandcamp), in addition to our premiere of “The Pillars of Heracles“.

01. The Cords Of Sheol
02. Faceless
03. Rebirth Of The Overthrown
04. The Pillars Of Heracles
05. Blazing Fallout
06. Atlantis Of The Sands
07. Galvanize
08. Primordial Entity
09. Endemic Warfare
10. The Eye Of Sirius
Length – 46:28








  1. I need this album.

    And they need better promo photos.

  2. Satanath have been putting out pretty badass stuff recently. SUcks theyre not on Spotify

  3. Though I know this probably wasn’t the intent of the opening paragraph of this article but I thought I would take a moment to something.

    That is that most people seriously discount their head-space when all these albums were coming out or when they discovered them. Kind of the whole idea behind everyone thinking their days were the good old days. Yeah, cuz you were young! Just my two cents haha, happy holidays guys!

  4. This. Fucking. Rips.

  5. Awesome. Hadn’t heard this band before.

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