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Almost three years ago we had the pleasure of premiering a full stream of Godless, the fourth album by the Polish death metal destroyers in Disloyal, which held intrinsic appeal for fans of classic Morbid Angel, as well as Hate Eternal, Immolation, Death, and Gojira. We now have the opportunity to provide a reminder of Godless, and to introduce new listeners to Disloyal, through our premiere of a video for a Godless track named “On the Ashes of the World“.

As we observed when we premiered the full stream of Godless, Disloyal revel in creating songs that keep you off-balance, with tempos that turn on a dime and changes in mood that are equally variable, switching from absolute decimation to eerie atmospherics without warning. And that’s really what made the album such a stand-out — the technical skill of the musicians is abundantly evident, but they harnessed that talent within the structures of songs that were creatively written to take your mind on an exhilarating roller-coaster ride.

The songs also include thoroughly bestial vocal vehemence and a collection of mind-bending guitar solos that often contrast with the surrounding savagery of the music, not to mention a big helping of bone-breaking grooves and morbid melodies.



On the Ashes of the World” is a prime example of all these qualities. The song is machine-precise, but also utterly explosive. It detonates immediately in a breathtaking display of jet-speed obliteration, segmented by blasts of pulsating chords, percussive hammering, and incendiary soloing, and then segues seamlessly into a melodic movement of ominous majesty, in which the wild savagery of the vocals becomes joined by solemn clean intonations. Bursts of percussive machine-gun fire provide the decimating rhythmic undercurrent for a slow, dismal lead — and the song then continues to move among passages of shuddering ferocity and grim horror, laced with fiery soloing.

The excellent video, which meshes well with the changing moods and energies of the song, was produced by Morda Studio and directed by Bartosz Kukuc and Pawel Kukuc, both of whom also appear in the cast along with Dariusz Poniatowski. And you’ll get to see Disloyal tearing through this electrifying song, too.

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