May 152018


This round-up is more musically diverse than what I typically select, ranging further afield from my usual extreme-metal stamping grounds. It’s also less littered with words. I got a late start on the posting day and am hurrying toward a couple of EP premieres on the schedule, but wanted to share these five tracks before getting there… because they made for quite an eclectic and enjoyable morning here at my metallic island home.


Finally, we have the first single from the debut album by Khôrada. It’s been a long and anxious wait since the news emerged last year that former Agalloch members Don Anderson (guitar), Jason Walton (bass), and Aesop Dekker (drums) would be forging ahead in this new group, alongside ex-Giant Squid guitarist/vocalist Aaron John Gregory.


photo by Cody Keto


Their first album is entitled SALT. The release date through Prophecy Productions is July 20. This first single is “Ossify“, about which Aaron Gregory tells us this:

“’Ossify’ was the last song we wrote for SALT, with the sole purpose in mind of it being the big closer on the record. By premiering this track first, we may be giving away the ending of the movie. But, we’d rather think of it as a flash forward – leaving the listener to ponder all that came before it – especially considering the strange yet fitting ‘futuristic’ vibe of the song, thanks in large part to the contribution of lush keyboards by Andrew Southard from Giant Squid. Lyrically ‘Ossify’ explores what I imagine may transpire after all the often dystopian themes told throughout SALT.”

Anyone who expected Agalloch Pt. 2 hasn’t been paying attention, but beyond that it might have been difficult to know exactly what to expect. Now there’s a better clue in this long, heavy, rumbling, head-moving, gloom-shadowed, head-twisting rocker — which mounts in intensity, pulls back, and surges again (into more ravaging metallic territory).

(And for those who take our site’s title literally, “Ossify” is mainly an exception to our rule.)












Zero is Pharoah Overlord’s ninth album. It was released on April 27th by Ektro and Hydra Head. Antti Boman (Demilich) and Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust) participated in this latest album, which is what drew me to it. The song below is “Maailmanlopun ateriana“.

Relentless, irresistibly compulsive rhythmic drive + trippy astral guitar machinations + horrific croaks and howls = bliss.











If you think this band’s name is silly, what do you think about Come & Chutney? That’s the name of their new album. I can’t tell if it’s an invitation or a new condiment combo.

Well, the names may be silly but this song has balls, big ugly ones, big enough and fuzzy enough to get your head moving. It’s also thunderous. Unsurprisingly, its name is “Cojones Feos“. Come & Chutney will be released on July 13th. Is your mouth watering?












Owl Company is an “alternative metal” band from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m never sure what “alternative metal” means, though it usually doesn’t bode well for my taste buds. But I checked out this band’s new single “Pieces” anyway, and dug it, even though it’s more hard rock than metal and even though it’s an exception to our “rule” (as you’ll discover, the vocalist has some impressive pipes). I enjoyed the split-screen video too.

There’s an album on the way, expected for arrival this summer via Eclipse Records. The single is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.











And to conclude I chose I song that’s more in my usual musical wheelhouse.

Daagh seems to be a one-man project from Norway. The first self-titled EP was released in March, and all five tracks are worth your time. The one I’ve included here is the third of those.

Cold, grief-stricken, mesmeric black metal whose atmosphere is enveloping and whose melodies catch in the mind.



  1. Getting a Metazoa-era Cormorant vibe from that Khôrada track. I dig it.

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