Jul 112018


Nearly 20 years have elapsed since Nocratai was given birth as a solo industrial black metal project under the construction of an individual who took the number “4” as his identification. It continued as a solo project until 2008, when it became a full band, and in that year released an EP named Camera Chiusa. Three years later the band recorded their first album — Tormento — but it remained un-released until now.

And now, or rather on July 24th to be precise, it will be revealed through the cooperative efforts of GrimmDistribution (Belarus), The Ritual Productions (Netherlands), and Black Metal Records (USA).

We present for you today a track from Tormento named “Miseria 6.66 MHZ“, which on the one hand is cold and oppressive, but on the other, is a head-moving display of menace and madness.



It takes a little time for the physically propulsive elements of the song to arrive. First, the band set the stage by creating a mood of horror through a collage of frightening sounds and a gasping, increasingly frantic and insistent voice, followed by a spoken-word sample (in Italian). And having put the frighteners on you, the band then get you moving, propelled by a pneumatic electronic beat and a skittering, jolting riff.

This doesn’t mean the horrors have gone away, or that the disease has been cured. Ugly, bestial vocals and the demented shimmer of a guitar make sure of that, along with additional vocal samples, the swirl of preternatural tones, and an insectile, pulsating lead.


The releasing labels recommend Tormento for fans of Mysticum, Blacklodge, and old Aborym. You can pre-order via the links below, and we’re including the previously released track “La Danza Della Morte” along with our premiere of “Miseria”.


01. I Spit In The Eyes Of Christ
02. Absence Of Light
03. Ogni Strada Porta Al Calvario
04. Jesus Creek
05. In His Name
06. La Danza Della Morte
07. Miseria 6.66 MHZ
08. Drugs And Their Terrible Consequences
Length – 53:21



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