Apr 222019


Three months ago we had the pleasure of premiering two songs from a split release by the Colombian band Sol De Sangre and the Spanish band Pánico Al Miedo, one track by each group. La Senda De La Muerte is the name of that split, and it includes the two bands’ covers of tracks originally recorded by giants of the death metal pantheon, with Sol De Sangre performing their versions of songs by Entombed and Unleashed, and Pánico Al Miedo extending their talents to the music of Pestilence and Death. For all the songs, the bands reinterpreted the lyrics in Spanish, giving them a new kind of vibe and atmosphere.

In January, the song we premiered from Sol De Sangre (through a lyric video) was “Festín De Carne“ — their cover of Entombed’s “Revel In Flesh” from Left Hand Path. Today we bring you another video premiere, this time for Sol De Sangre‘s second track on La Senda De La Muerte. Entitled “Antes De La Creación“, it’s a cover of “Before the Creation of Time” by Unleashed (from Where No Life Dwells).



If you’re familiar with Unleashed’s original song, you know it’s a blood-pumping, head-hammering piece of savagery that devolves into a gruesome, crawling piece of ghoulish misery before ramping up into a swarming and battering final assault.

Sol De Sangre‘s version is just as electrifying. The turbocharged drum performance and hard-charging riffing, with that deep chainsawing tone, laced with grisly buzzing chords, get the adrenaline flowing in a flood. And just as effectively, the band bring out the song’s macabre, rotting atmosphere when they slow the frantic pace. But one difference you’ll notice immediately is in the vocals. In addition to the Spanish lyrics, they’re a livid, scorching, howling expulsion of deranged ferocity.

It’s a fine homage to a great song by a great band, and as a further sign of Sangre De Sol‘s respect for their lineage, this song (and their other one on the split) were mixed by Tomas Skogsberg at Stockholm’s Sunlight Studios and were mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound — and the cover art by Juanjo Castellano Rosado provides his own homage to the covers of the albums that originally included the songs chosen for the split.


La Senda De La Muerte was released earlier this year on CD by Germany’s War Anthem Records and in a cassette tape edition (now sold out) by Scotland-based Camo Pants Records. The split is still available now through War Anthem and Sol De Sangre, and you can get it via these links:






  1. fvcking A. this really reanimates these awesome early death metal songs. love the version of twisted truth. and to interpret the lyrics in Spanish. well done.

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