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The Canadian group Whispers In the Maze pride themselves on being “a metal band without borders”, which has a dual meaning. The band’s members (who are currently split between Ottawa and Gatineau) come from different places around the world, but when you listen to their music you realize the second meaning of that phrase, because the songs themselves reveal different stylistic influences, integrated in ways that aren’t rigidly confined by genre borders.

Whispers In the Maze have completed a debut, four-song EP named Threads Unbind, which will be digitally released on July 25th, with a CD edition expected on August 1st. It will provide a great introduction to the band’s multi-faceted talents, and today we’re happy to present a beautifully made lyric video for a song from the EP called “Rewoven“.


Photo by Laura Collins


In this dramatic and memorable song, many things stand out, from the animated groove of Mike Berrigan‘s drum performance to the vibrancy and inventiveness of Ben Bertrand‘s fretless bass work, from the evolving harmonies of guitarists Emine Topcu and Vitto Ortori to the harsh, snarling and howling vocals of Marc Alain Bonenfant (who provided lead vocals for this recording, but is not part of the band’s live line-up), joined by backing vocalists in the brandishing of the song’s title word.

The opening moments of the track establish the song’s core melody, which has a dark, melancholy cast, but as the song unfolds the group elaborate on that theme, infusing it with a darting and swirling quality, creating a mood of fieriness (and perhaps agony), and (through a fluid solo) a sense of bereavement but perhaps also hopefulness. The song also includes alluring prog-metal interplay between the bass and the guitars, as well as a passage near the end where the bass takes the spotlight — and earns it.

You can pick out elements of melodic death metal, black metal, and prog in the song, but the band cause them to coalesce, without borders, into a unified whole.


Photo by Laura Collins


The video, which suits the lyrics and the moods of the song very well, was created by Joe Moon at Darkmoon Production. Threads Unbind was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Bond at Wolf Lake Studios, and the cover art was created by Mustapha Design Dz.

For more info about the release and how to get it, keep an eye on these locations:




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