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(This is Vonlughlio’s review of a debut EP by the California technical death/grind band Marburg, which was released in a CD edition by Vargheist Records on July 5th.)

This time around I would like to talk about the band Marburg from Los Angeles, California. They are a Tech Death/Grind group that formed back in 2015 and digitally released their debut EP Polemicist in 2016. At some point they signed with the South Carolina label Vargheist Records, which has recently released the EP on CD.

Getting the chance to listen to their music, I did not have any idea how it would sound, and ohh boy, this turned out to be a pleasant surprise, to say the least. For me, the sound is natural, and all the instruments play a key role in delivering in-your-face grind with tech ingredients that make it even more enjoyable. The first song, “Fuck You”, is the perfect introduction, giving the listener a taste of the wild ride they are about to experience. Once I hit play, the energy in the music was unquestionable, and the talent showcased here is superb.



The songs’ structures are straightforward, with tech influences in places that work well in the flow of how they were constructed. The bass/guitars are responsible for this and work well together as a unit that brings the hard punch this effort delivers. The drumming is fast, precise, and effectively adjusts the velocity in some sections when the tech bits come into play. The musicians sound like they work well together, while still showing their individual skills.

And finally, the vocals on this EP are just fantastic from start to finish. In the patterns used here you can listen to the diversity the frontman brings, with BDM and grind influences mixed together. That kind of mix can work or just go bad real quick. In the case at hand, it became a highlight, charting a path that I hope will continue in the future.

My only wish was that this was a full-length instead of an EP, but the 10 songs here are pure grind ecstasy, which can be experienced multiple times in a row. There is no dull moment whatsoever. Overall, this is a great release that you should take for a quick spin. If you like what you hear, support this up-and-coming band and their label. Below is the link for Vargheist’s Bandcamp, where you can get Polemicist in digital or physical formats.





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