Aug 162019


The Ottawa band TripleMurder pride themselves on not being too beholden to any one genre of metal, but definitely devoted to putting big jolts of electricity through their followers, running them ragged, and leaving them black and blue as well. Integrating death metal, groove, and -core elements, along with a taste for accents of melody, they’ve completed a six-song debut EP named Pre-Meditated that will be released on September 20. Today we bring you the second single from the EP, which provides a good example of the band’s multi-faceted strategies.

The name of the song is “Crawl“, but it doesn’t crawl — far from it.


Photo Credit: Jessy Dwyer @ Beyond The Pit


The band tell us: “‘Crawl‘ is about the complacent follower realizing the tyranny and injustice that’s going on with the ones in power. In turn the puppet of society becomes the puppeteer”.

Musically, the track is a mix of seething guitar bursts and brutish pounding grooves, jagged jabbing chords and squirming arpeggios, vicious shrieks and carnivorous roars. It’s part racing melee and part methodical, pile-driving punishment. It also includes a fluid yet freakish guitar solo that spirals upward in mad ecstasy, as well as clean vocals intermixed with the cacophony of harsh roaring and screaming in a way that lends a sorrowful dimension to the music, and you’ll come to a closing sequence that will provide good exercise for your neck and a good clobbering for your skull. (The song includes guest vocals by Eric Forget of A Scar For the Wicked.)

Pre-Meditated features eye-catching cover art by Roberto Napolitano (Hate My Design), and is recommended by the band for fans of Pantera, Lamb of God, early Machine Head, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, and Black Dahlia Murder.

You’ll find a pre-order link below, as well as the official video for the EP’s first single, “Cannibalistic“, and of course today’s premiere of “Crawl“.






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