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The German duo Blasphemous Putrefaction staked their place in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of underground death metal when they chose their name. Through their long-sold-out debut demo tape, 2017’s Abominable Premonition, and now the new EP which includes the song we’re premiering today, they’ve devoted their diabolical talents to the unapologetic creation of foul and festering musical horror — the skull-fracturing sounds of cruelty and the mind-mangling transmission of deviancy and derangement, devoid of hope (and not caring much for melody either), but capable of sending jolts of adrenaline through a listener’s bloodstream.

This new three-track EP of primitive, rotten death metal is appropriately entitled Festering Plagues, and it will be jointly released on tape by Death In Pieces Records and Macabre End Productions in early October. We’ll present a written preview of all three tracks, including the one we’re presenting, but won’t be offended if you just dive straight-away into the swirling cesspool of foul and fetid sensations via the stream of “Grief” below.



Gruesome chanting and the boom of a ritual drum beat opens “Resurrection of the Dead“, and that leads into a monstrous piece of slaughtering that moves between two gears. On the one hand, the track proceeds at a galloping gait, and deploys riffing with a nasty, down-tuned tone that’s so abrasive and distorted it chokes the senses, as well as squealing, lunatic leads and horrid roars. In the other gear, the pace slows, and the band ruthlessly administer big, clanging chords that are allowed to reverberate in putrid, oppressive tones, like the lingering stink of rotting flesh, as well as a seething, searing lead that conjure visions of wriggling maggots on fire.

And so, the song gags and drags the listener into a charnel pit with its foul and hopeless atmosphere, fractures the spine with its remorseless pounding, and engages in ravaging mayhem.

Weathered” is immediately more chaotic, propelled by rapidly hammering and furiously thundering drumwork and frenzies of sadistic guitar mauling. It’s a gnarly piece of viciousness, but like the EP’s opener, “Weathered” also transforms into a slow, lurching, plague-carrying horror and spits its dementia through a scalding, freakish solo.

After a thuggish opening, the closer “Grief“, which you’ll find below, ramps up into a berserker rampage laced with extravagant braying tones and long dragging chords, augmented by bursts of that by-now-familiar fret-burning lunacy, along with manic drum fills that boom and tumble.

Blasphemous Putrefaction aren’t out to reinvent any wheels, but they don’t need to. Their devotion to rotten metal of death is unquestioned, and their skill in presenting it is obvious. If you’re in the mood for truly disgusting and fearsome death metal, you’ve come to the right place.


These cassette tapes (which feature artwork by Grasenstyle Blood Artworks) won’t last long. Between them, Death In Pieces and Macabre End are only selling 100 copies (50 in red and 50 in black), which will include woven patches and pins. For more info about how to acquire them, watch these spaces for news in the coming days:





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