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(In this post Vonlughlio gives a strong recommendation for the latest album by the Russian black/death metal band Horror God, released last fall by Lavadome Productions.)

Cursed Seeds, the third album by the Russian band Horror God, was released last September by Lavadome Productions. I should confess that I have been following the label for years and become friends with the owner Jan, conversing about Death Metal, likes and dislikes, not seeing eye to eye, all the good stuff friends talk about.

Having said that, it is the music alone on Cursed Seeds that prompted this write-up. I have enjoyed each second from start to finish, because it is a perfect blend of Death/Black influences put into 7 songs totalling 36 minutes of pure fury, desperation, loss, and hope. My first listen turned into three listens in a row, and I found myself enjoying the overall effort from this group more and more each time.



After listening to Cursed Seeds I decided to check out their previous albums to see how much had changed since their 2009 debut release Cold Shine. I must say that I did not like that album at all, and just could not get into it (for reasons there’s no need to detail here).

I moved on to Horror God‘s 2012 sophomore album Planet of Ruins, but could only find some of the songs online (with titles in Russian). But those I heard were better constructed, and the band were on the path of their current musical direction (in my humble opinion). And then I proceeded to listen to their 2017 split with Techne, and oh boy, the songs were amazing, showing even greater growth, and I loved them.

Now on to the current release: The production is great, and it does justice to all the instruments, all of which are clearly audible and all of which are fundamental to the songs’ successes. The guitar riffs are the driving force here and are engaging throughout, and the bass provides a great complement as they move with each other through the changes that occur within the songs. The drums are played with precision and greatly enhance the appeal of the music. The musicianship from all parties involved is top-notch.

Taking into consideration where the band began with the first album, they have come a long way, generating powerful death/black metal with well-placed technical aspects in some parts of the songs. The cover and booklet artwork are amazing, and directly reflect the lyrics of the songs.

Overall, if I had created a list of my favorite Non-Brutal-Death-Metal albums released in 2019, this one would have been on it. I hope the band will continue to evolve, to create more music in the future, and to gain more recognition for their hard work. Thanks to Lavadome Productions for providing this release — they are a great underground label that has been supporting projects like this and contributing significantly to the scene, so be sure to check them out too.





  2 Responses to “HORROR GOD: “CURSED SEEDS””

  1. Great stuff. Made me think of Gorguts.

  2. Sweet artwork and killer music.

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