Feb 032020


(In this post Vonlughlio gives a strong recommendation for the latest album by the Russian black/death metal band Horror God, released last fall by Lavadome Productions.)

Cursed Seeds, the third album by the Russian band Horror God, was released last September by Lavadome Productions. I should confess that I have been following the label for years and become friends with the owner Jan, conversing about Death Metal, likes and dislikes, not seeing eye to eye, all the good stuff friends talk about.

Having said that, it is the music alone on Cursed Seeds that prompted this write-up. I have enjoyed each second from start to finish, because it is a perfect blend of Death/Black influences put into 7 songs totalling 36 minutes of pure fury, desperation, loss, and hope. My first listen turned into three listens in a row, and I found myself enjoying the overall effort from this group more and more each time. Continue reading »

Sep 242019


After a seven-year hiatus (interrupted only by their 2017 split with Techne), the Russian dissonant black/death metal band Horror God are returning this year with their third album, and their most electrifying, unpredictable, and thoroughly explosive creation yet. Bearing the title Cursed Seeds, it will be released on September 27th by Lavadome Productions, but today we present a full stream of the record — and the following thoughts about the impact of listening to it.

The releasing label makes comparative references to Gorguts and Deathspell Omega, to Ulcerate and Aosoth, to Immolation and Sunless, among others. As those references suggest, the music is multi-faceted — delirious and devastating, technically extravagant and ruthlessly bludgeoning, hallucinatory and harrowing. In its rapidly changing and often riotous permutations, it has an experimental, avant-garde quality, yet is unmistakably bestial in its ferocity. Keeping your balance as you listen is difficult; tearing yourself away from it would be even more difficult. Continue reading »

Dec 052016



Happy Monday. Through the miracles of modern technology, I’m writing this at roughly 38,000 feet above the earth, somewhere across the deserts of northern Utah, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and the barren panhandle of Texas. Under duress from my fucking day job, I’m bound for Houston for the next couple of days.

Actually, it’s not exactly a miracle, not something like turning water into wine, more like turning water into weak tea — because although I can get online, the service isn’t good enough to stream music or videos. So some of the items I’m including in this round-up are things I can see but can’t hear.


I’m beginning with an item that I could have heard over the weekend if I had known it was out there. Unfortunately, I discovered it only today after boarding this jet I’m on. It’s a video for a new song by Finland’s Wolfheart named “Boneyard“. Continue reading »