Feb 262020


Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, Hadopelagial is a two-man black metal strike force (vocalist/lyricist Ghoul and C.C., who does everything else) whose members were once bandmates in Humanitas Error Est. In their new formation they’ve recorded a self-titled debut album that will be released on March 18th by Satanath Records, and today we’re presenting one of its eight tracks, a wonderfully dynamic song named “Amunre“.

The tone of the song’s opening riff is as dismal and bleak as a mass grave, and the music methodically stomps and stomps as Ghoul utters his proclamations in a vicious and imperious voice. But while the oppressive qualities established by that opening movement don’t disappear, the music soon becomes a white-hot melee of turbocharged percussive obliteration, seething, swarming riffs, and unhinged vocal ferocity.



Images of an attack by schools of piranha spring forth. One would expect that nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of being eaten alive from every direction, and the frenzied violence of this song’s sudden assault has a similar electrifying effect. The melodic quality of the riffing morphs into sounds of sorrow and anguish as the rhythm section continue to go flat-out, but more changes lie ahead.

Backed by a head-moving rocking cadence, the riffing creates a sorcerous, mesmerizing aura as Ghoul savagely roars and shrieks — and suddenly things change again, the music becoming lighter and softer, with keyboard notes creating a seductive allure that contrasts sharply with the allure created by unhinged intensity. The music soon soars again, creating a feeling of grandeur as well as bleakness, with a reprise of that softer passage drawing the track to a close.

It really is a fascinating experience that repays closer attention in subsequent listens. And as you’ll discover from the previously released song “Helios“, “Amunre” isn’t an outlier. “Helios” is also spectacular, blending off-the-hook drumming, vibrant bass work, completely possessed vocals, and a knack for infiltrating an array of transfixing melodies. And it too is a dynamic creation, one that pulses, punches, ravages — and creates dark images of sweeping, panoramic vistas.


Satanath Records will release Hadopelagial in a jewel-case CD edition limited to 500 copies, with a 4-page booklet. One other track from the album, “Helios“, premiered previously, and we’re including that stream along with today’s debut of “Amunre“.



01. Hadopelagial
02. Helios
03. Leviathan
04. The Cosmic Ocean
05. For The New Path
06. Amunre
07. Return Of The Black Death
08. Dana
Length – 40:14



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