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(We present Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by the Colombian band Decarabion, which is out now on Unmatched Brutality Records.)

Hope all you readers are well and, as always, I’m wishing all the best to all. As you probably already know, yours truly is a big fan of Brutal Death Metal (duh!). I was having a conversation the other day with a friend (Abhay) for his upcoming podcast in which we discuss the genre and other different scenes I love.  One of the subjects was the Colombian scene and how many great bands have come from that country to give us such great BDM.

This time around I would like to talk about the debut album Bastard Son of Divinity by the Colombian newcomers Decarabion, which was released on August 4 via Unmatched Brutality Records. Before saying anything else, this is a great representation as to why I love Colombian BDM. This record crushes from the moment you press play until the end.



As I mentioned, this is their first release but it is the child of vocalist Sebastian “Machine” Guarin, a man who is well-known in the scene for his contributions with past projects, and is the vocalist of Bacteremia (one of my favorite acts from Colombia). The other musicians who were part of this project on the album, Sander Bermúdez (drums), Daniel Lara (guitars), and Óscar Callejas (bass), are no strangers, as they too are known as well from for their contributions in the scene.

The band’s inception was back in 2018, and the next year they released a one-song demo that was a great introduction to what they could bring to the table and won a lot of fans around the globe.  So eventually, they took their time to write more music and in the beginning of 2020 the label announced they would be releasing Decarabion’s debut album. We were excited to say the least, being confident that this would be a great record to add to the collection.

Once I received the promo for the debut I stopped what I was doing and focused on this slab of pure BDM, which proved that it will engage the listener right away and keep a firm grip until the end, with no sign of  slowing down in the 30 minutes it lasts. I have to mention that the release includes other well-known musicians in the genre as guests, such as Robbe Kok (Disavowed) in the first song “Cult of Void Chaos”, Larry Wang (Gorepot) in the second song “Unleashing Molecular War”, Fabio Marin (Internal Suffering) in the fourth song “Contemplations of Death and Decay”, and James Bailey (Brodequin) in the sixth song “Eschaton Immanetized”, all of whom bring added value to an outstanding release.

The natural production for the album works quite well with the songs’ structures, allowing all the instruments to shine on their own as key ingredients in this cohesive album — amazing drumming in full force, a great duo of bass and guitars, and of course the killer vocals. Mr. Guarin is a beast in that department; the man has a fast delivery and generates a powerful force that never diminishes but gets better as time passes. It’s like he is one of those people who will grow old but his voice will remain young forever, one extremely talented frontman who should get more recognition and be standing tall with the greats of BDM.

After receiving the promo I have not stopped listening. The album gets better with each listen and should be in my top 25 BDM albums of 2020, no doubt in my mind. Yes there are more BDM releases to come but this one is a must!!!!!. So I hope you will give this a chance and lend your support to Decarabion.






  1. The gurgle to end all gurgling.
    This reminds me of Krisiun, Rebeallion, Abhorrence (Invoking the abomination), Nephasth—-you know, the stuff that crushes you relentlessly….Good stuff!

  2. Sorry it nested wrong Gudmunder. What is the name of the podcast tho does anyone know?

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