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Somewhere, someday, an enterprising metal-head will devote a massive doctoral thesis to analyzing in meticulous detail the music of Rogga Johansson‘s numerous bands, attempting to compare and contrast them as they’ve popped in and out of existence over the last quarter century. Perhaps the work has already begun. Perhaps it will provide a nuanced roadmap to why this music went here and that music went there. Or maybe it will end in confusion and a re-thinking of careers, with the aspiring academic turning toward the relative simplicity of something like brain surgery.

Either way, a central subject in the analysis would have to be the band Revolting, a Johansson group whose releases have been exceeded in number only by the hallowed Paganizer. As a vehicle for the inspirations of the Bard of Gamleby, Revolting has clearly been a favored one, given that beginning in 2009 Revolting was on pace to release an album a year, until taking a three-year break between 2012’s Hymns of Ghastly Horror and 2015’s Visages of the Unspeakable. Another three-year break led to 2018’s Monolith of Madness, but we’ve only had to wait about two-and-three-quarter years for the next full-length, The Shadow At the World’s End, which will be discharged by Transcending Obscurity Records on November 27th.



On this latest Revolting effort (the seventh full-length so far) Johansson handles guitars and vocals and is joined again by bassist Grotesque Tobias and drummer Mutated Martin, who’ve been his revolting Revolting bandmates all along. Today we have an example of what they’ve collectively achieved on this newest release through our premiere of a lyric video for a ghastly and gargantuan track named “Carnage Will Come“.

As always, supernatural horrors inhabit the song, from the lyrics in which a protagonist glories in the coming blood-spattered destruction of humanity to the gruesome menace and berserker mayhem in the music. Perhaps needless to say, the riffs are catchy and the rhythms will snap at your neck. The grim, boiling timbre of the pleasingly monstrous chords turns to predatory stomping and gnashing as the rampant battering of the drums switches to a murderously gleeful bounding cadence.

In addition to a bout of hammering groove, the song further includes a guitar solo that seems to combine both the misery of massed victims and the frenzied ecstasy of the slaughterer. All the while, straight through to the voracious ferocity of the finale, Johansson‘s voice carries the words in a growling roar that’s both intelligible and hideously bestial.

It will come as no surprise that Revolting have another hit on their hands, a grisly formulation of Swedish death metal that will get your blood and your head pumping and put the best kind of nightmares in your mind.


The fantastic cover art for The Shadow At the World’s End was created by Juanjo Castellano.

As Transcending Obscurity often does, the label is providing a lavish array of options for folks interested in Revolting‘s new album, including vinyl, CD, cassette-tape, and digital editions, with merch bundles — and a coffin-shaped solid wooden box CD edition with laser engraving of the Revolting band logo on the face and an assortment of special treats inside. You can explore the options via the links below.

Also below you’ll have a chance to check out two more ravishing songs from the album, the title track and “1888“, along with today’s premiere.







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