Oct 292020


(Vonlughlio has unearthed a blast of buzzsaw d-beat goregrind and gives it a hearty recommendation in this review.)

One of the best things for me is discovering music out of the blue, either by a recommendation from a friend, scrolling on the internet, Bandcamp, or seeing a FB post. That’s what happened in the case of Basic Torture Procedure, a goregrind act formed this year whose three members are spread across Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

They independently released  their debut album Domination Through Torture on May 17th, but of course yours truly only discovered them like a month ago and went on their Bandcamp to purchase the tape version (the only available physical format). This for me is one of the best music discoveries of 2020. I am somewhat picky in the goregrind department and their music captured me right away.



These guys have been doing this by themselves, having full control of their artistic vision and the music to back it up. As is typical in the genre, the songs are short and to the point (the longest one is just 1:22) these 27 songs reflect their vision perfectly with an onslaught of drums, cutting riffs, and vocals that are so filthy and rotten that they make me want to puke (I love them for that).

Dr. Forge (Guitars/Bass) lives up to his Doctor status, as he delivers riffs that will hunt you in your nightmares, creating a force that gives each song a distinctive characteristic from the others.  Mr. Bickle (Drums) punishes the kit, giving one hell of a performance (I would like a play-through of the full album) that I consider one of the highlights of this effort. Now, Mr. Schroeder (vocals) does a fantastic job in structuring vomiting performances that will haunt me for years (in a good way). This is how I like them and they fit perfectly with the everlasting rotting sounds.

And this is not all, because on September 13th they managed to release a split with another great project named Failed Treatment, and they continue on course for their debut album. Their 9 songs on the split are pure proof that they are a group who know what they like and execute it flawlessly.

This is a project that a lot of people who are into BDM or goregrind should give a listen to. They have been a great surprise and now they have fan in me for life. Can’t wait to see what they do next and hope for a long career in the underground scene





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