Feb 222021


Rising from Palermo, Sicily, Becerus is a new band who openly declare their love for ’90s death metal, and the first demonstration of their devotion is a debut album named Homo Homini Brutus, whose title alone provides significant clues to what Becerus have done with their music. That savage cover art up there, created by Karl Dahmer, provides another significant clue. But an even more tangible clue comes in the form of the album track we’re premiering today.

Before we get to that, you should know that none other than Everlasting Spew Records, who know a thing or two about slaughtering death metal, will be releasing the album on April 30th. The song that has been chosen for the first premiere is “Primeval Ignorantia” — and that’s another title that’s in keeping with part (but only part) of this band’s overall aesthetic (though “aesthetic” is probably too fancy a word for what they do).


Photo by Sara Montenegro


Based on the non-musical clues provided so far, you might be tempted to think of the Becerus brand of deathiness as metal for ignorant brutish cavemen, but if that’s so, you will be in for a surprise. For while there are indeed primitive and primeval aspects to the bludgeoning that Becerus mete out in this new song, they pack a whole lot more than that into the song’s extremely compact run-time.

There are indeed clobbering grooves, lurching cadences, and bestial bellowing in the song, but the band also erupt like Vesuvius, spewing superheated riffage, flickering and writhing leads, and maniacal drum fusillades. Moreover, the song includes a freakish, incinerating solo — and those bellows ignite into screams. Moreover, Becerus move through these multiple changes with turn-on-a-dime suddenness and surgical precision.

As mentioned, the album’s savage cover art was created by Karl Dahmer, and it will adorn both CD and tape editions planned for release by Everlasting Spew (digital downloads will also be available). To repeat, Homo Homini Brutus is set for release on April 30th.





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