Mar 182021


In 2015 the Belarusian brutal death metal band Ominous Scriptures independently released their debut album Incarnation of the Unheavenly, which was followed the next year by a CD release through Permeated Records. The band went on to release their sophomore album The Fall of the Celestial Throne last year through Willowtip Records, which we reviewed here.

But now an Italian label named Lethal Scissor Records (founded by members of Bloodtruth, Instigate, and Vomit the Soul) have returned to Incarnation of the Unheavenly and will be reissuing the album on March 30th in two CD editions as well as digitally. To help pave the way for that release, a lyric video has been produced for a track from the album named “The Corpses of Archangels in Bonfire“, and we’re premiering it today. Prepare to be gutted and pulverised.



The viciously enraged anti-christian lyrics of the song are expelled through abyssal gutturals, sewer gurgles, and wolfish howls, while the rest of the band throw themselves into the music in a maniacally furious frenzy. The riffing sounds like a giant turbine-powered sewing machine stitching steel sutures into ravaged flesh at jet speed, with that assault backed by lightning-fast snare clattering, and accented by blaring, blazing chords.

However, berserker mayhem is not all that Ominous Scriptures have in mind, because they segment the chaos with gigantic, atonal stomps, brutish and cold, and seemingly capable of splitting concrete.



This is the second video that has been released for the reissue of Incarnation of the Unheavenly, and in case you missed the first one we’ve included it below. “Devouring the Moans” is another short, sharp shock to the senses, every bit as eviscerating and bone-smashing as the track featured in today’s premiere.

Below you will also find links to explore purchase options for the album reissue by Lethal Scissor, as well as related merch and bundles. Credit for production of the lyric video goes to Andrea Giambona.





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